Yahoo Madden NFL 08 Exclusive Review

Madden 08, Ea Sports finally got it right. Players move how you want them to move, teams mimic their real life tendencies the view from the gridiron is gorgeous, and playing with the friends is simply addicting. While the game does have some minor hiccups Madden 08 without a doubt is the best football game to be released in several years and is a must have for any red-blooded football fan.

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jinn4064d ago

how many times is this game going to be reviewed?

Lacarious4064d ago

is it me or is that the new EA slogan? If it's in the game we got it right this time.

and... this game will be reviewed by every single media outlet that is willing to open their arms too receive EA's $$$$. I wouldn't be surprised if EA had a cookie cutter review form and said "hey, take this $$$, post this on your site."

thank you.. have a nice day.

Thump19674064d ago

Seems like they got it right Finally

ernande4064d ago

"Exclusive" review? Yeah, I'm sure Yahoo is going to be real critical of a game they're given exclusive access to. As if the review would be anything less than glowing.

Every year EA's marketing team figures out new ways to rephrase standard features. What is it this year - branching animations?

Lacarious4064d ago

This year you can make acrobatic catches with the top star WR's. I hear next year, you will be able to throw a ball with a quarterback. then... in 2010, you will be able to run with a RB and with the ball in your hand.