TimeSplitters Film In The Works

So GamesRadar has just spent the morning checking out new sections of Free Radical Design's Haze (which they'll let you know all about next week). And while Haze was the primary purpose of Gamesradar's visit to their Nottingham based studios, being TimeSplitters fanboys it was impossible not to go on the scrounge for a bit of Splitters gossip - and they've got it:

Free Radical Design (or namely Rob Yescombe, game script writer) has written a film script for a TimeSplitters film and according to him, they're pretty serious about trying to sign it up for a movie.

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RadientFlux4064d ago

Honesty TimeSplitters doesn't have enough of a story to be made in to a movie.

Basically the whole plot of TimeSplitters was hacked together for an excuse to have people blast things through time periods.

nobizlikesnowbiz4064d ago

I got the whole Timesplitters movie part, but why are they using a Gears symbol with a monkey in it.

Timesplitters was great and has its own original brand recognition, why use Gears of Wars?

Infernus4064d ago (Edited 4064d ago )

The Gears symbol apparently represents what the game will be based on (no not Gears of War), they'll be doing a form of parody of other games. Like having a monkey dressed in the Master Chief suit, or a Gears-based sketch.

They'll be taking the big games and having a laugh at them in Free Radical style.

I read about this in the OPSM a few weeks ago about the new TS game. They won't be attacking other games in an offensive manner, just having a laugh with them rather than at them; the Free Radical way.

ShiftyLookingCow4064d ago (Edited 4064d ago )

hey is that picture from 12 Monkeys, that film was gold

[edit] thanks for the info, its been sometime since I saw that film

Odion4064d ago

not its the gears symbol with the Splitters monkey in it instead of The gear Skull.

P.S. The 12 monkeys was really good but that was a circle of linked monkeys.

BrotherNick4064d ago

I guess video games are the new comic books.

Bnet3434064d ago

They want to be big like Halo so they have to do everything Microsoft does with Halo. I want to see them try to market Haze like Halo.

Haze = Halo rip-off

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