Comic Games That Got It Right

Comic books are one of the hottest licenses out there right now. All you have to do is slap Spider-Man on a bag of socks and boom! It's out the door. The same goes with games based on comics - no matter their quality, they tend to sell like crazy. With so many lackluster heroes running around, it's hard to pinpoint which games are worth playing and which need to hang up the spandex. Well, that's precisely why Gamesradar hand-picked the best, most authentic comic book games of all time.

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RadientFlux4025d ago

The Punisher game was pretty good, fun and action packed. Espically like the scene where you pretend to be dead and then burst out of the coffin guns blazing.

Hypnotic4025d ago

I wonder why Marvel Ultimate Alliance isn't on there. I loved that game.

MK_Red4025d ago

Agreed. Definitly among my fave comic games. And how on earth could they choose Ultimate Spiderman over Spiderman 2?