New Buzz: Play Magazine gives Heavenly Sword 10/10

The forums have been hot lately with rumors and speculations. Some come to past while others fade to black. The hot topic just in on the forums is a member claiming he read a play magazine in which the upcoming PS3 exclusive Heavenly Sword recieved a perfect score of 10/10. Here are some of the alleged quotes from the "Play" Mag article.

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RadientFlux4059d ago (Edited 4059d ago )

ps3forums isn't that reliable, sort of reminds me of the Play review of Lair that still may or may not be true.

EDIT: Sorry was mixing up Play rumour with the Edge rumour, it was the Edge rumour of Lair that may or may not be true.

TeaDouble_E4059d ago (Edited 4059d ago )

I want a real link, still looking foward for this game : )

hazeblaze4059d ago

A 10/10 is probably very generous... having played the demo, a 9/10 does seem fully possible though.

nasim4058d ago

dont worry

Both LAIR and HS would get very good scores from IGN,GT,GI,CVG ,GAMESRADAR and EDGE.

great games like LAIR and HS would get great scores from UNBIASED websites

Daishi4058d ago

A 5.5 out of 10 isn't that great for Lair unless you have really low expecatations. It does look like HS will be a 10/10 game though.

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TheMART4059d ago (Edited 4059d ago )

Same rumourtalk as with Lair about getting a 9?

Must be a Japanese guy that read an English magazine up side down
Because Lair really got a 6 from EGM!

Stupid PS3 rumours are always false, proven in the past. HS will get a 8 out of 10 or so as it is a God of War ripoff with a girl

@ heroman711 (below)

probably because you're a PS3 fanboy. Which makes sense.

Actually what I state are facts. Search it up. Rumour reviews of 9 for Lair were proven false on N4G even. The 6 from EGM has been proven right. So what's your problem?

heroman7114059d ago

i sware to god im gonna kill you one day. for some reason i dont like you

RadientFlux4059d ago (Edited 4059d ago )

^^ um yeah maybe you should take this article out... you apparently have a rage issue

EDIT: But that's the ultimate goal of any fanboy is to get people who are fans of another console upset and pissed off. The best way is to ignore them and not let it bother you or the fanboy wins.

heroman7114059d ago

actually im a very nice guy but i just hate this mart guy cause he always say something bad bout ps3and always thinks 360 right everytime. Did this asshole ever think they both make mistakes. Freakin ASSHOLE

nobizlikesnowbiz4059d ago

Wow some would interpret that as a threat to use deadly force.

I hope your not serious about wanting to kill someone because of their opinion of a game console. Some might think that a wee bit odd.

timmyp534059d ago

Lair did get a 9.0 from Play Magazine .. as for the gamezone and Edge reviews, they are still unknown.

supnub54059d ago

EGM reviewed the Not edited build of the lair, while there was one source that reviewed the edited version, and it got 9 (gotcha) then there was some harsh reviewing team that gave gears of war an 8 while they gave lair a 9.

hazeblaze4059d ago

Actually you're incorrect. It's a fact that Lair has received two 9's so far. It has also received a 7.5 and a 6. Point is, you're just a fanboy that's jealous of the games you don't get to play... get over it.

popup4059d ago

Heh, What game is not a rip off of another game nowadays?

Still, I knew I had seen this Mart somewhere before...

Chug4059d ago

LOL! We finally know what he looks like! Easy on those trans fats, fattie!

Shadow Flare4059d ago

for the longest time i didn't ignore themart cos even tho he was a maniac and completely blinded to anything good ps3-wise, i read his comments so i could have a good laugh. Now i just think he's a complete fool, he's on my ignore list and ya know, i don't miss anything cos i can predict everything he comments on anyway. He's the kind of guy who has a signed picture of Bill Gates that he kisses every night before bed. He's the kind of guy would wear green clothes all the time because of his insane love for xbox.

In my humble honest opinion, themart should be locked in a kennel

Kratos124058d ago

you mean theMart should be dragged out of bill gates ass and locked in a kennel?

I think he is better off in billy's ass!!!

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felidae4059d ago (Edited 4059d ago )

Nariko is a kickass btch .. i really don't feel like i'm playin' God of War. it's much more about combat .. not just hack & slay.

the graphics are truely amazing.

at above: Eurogamer also gave Gears of War 8/10

MikeJonesOK4059d ago

I am approving it. If people can approved a forum post before about Lair's bad reviews then they can approved a post about a good one.

TheMART4059d ago

I'll approve it also.

Because if the rumour is shot down AGAIN, its a nice blow in Sony's face and fans will be left flabbergasted again about overhyping stuff online without waiting on the actual real results. Making up stuff is fun, isn't it?


heroman7114059d ago (Edited 4059d ago )

@ the mart

timmyp534059d ago

Lair got a 9 from Play and the Gamezone and Edge Reviews for it haven't come out yet. As for this RUMOR(emphasis) its up in the air.

TeaDouble_E4059d ago (Edited 4059d ago )

Who thinks TheMART should have ONE bubble .

RadientFlux4059d ago (Edited 4059d ago )

Nah if everyone dislikes him enough just bring him down to one bubble, sort like what was done with Bill Gates ;)

EDIT: Wow that was Hypocritical, you want one extreme fanboy banned but you praise another.

Tranz4059d ago

yea lets ban everybody you don't agree with. I don't know what facist/communist country you live in, but everyone has freedom of speech on the internet.

I think HS will be great... but a 10/10? Anyways PLAY gives out 9s and 10s like nothing.