Spot the HDMI-enabled Xbox 360 Premium at retail

After discovering that some newly price-dropped Xbox 360 Premium units were packing HDMI ports – a feature previously reserved for the more expensive Elite model – we immediately wanted to know how savvy shoppers could track down these beasts at retail. Thanks to some pics snapped by anonymous Photobucketer "wonderkins" you can clearly see that the HDMI models are labeled as such.

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power0919993909d ago

Why would MS not want to advertise this?

It might work well up along side the price drop.


Chug3909d ago

The average consumer probably doesn't even know what hdmi is.

solidt123909d ago

They don't want to advertise it because they know they just ripped off everyone who bought an Elite for an HDMI output.

Daewoodrow3909d ago

it's a soft launch. They're letting word of mouth pass it around instead of announcing it, which might provoke backlash from the early adopters.

Odion3909d ago

you bought the elite for a cable output?

Phlapp3909d ago

"you bought the elite for a cable output?"

Why not? other than being black it is/was the only distinguishing feature of the Elite! The 120Gb HDD can be bought for any 360!

okcomputer3909d ago

Its simple. They don't want to advertise it because they still have a ton of non-hdmi 360's in stock and they know more people will buy the old ones if they don't know that theres a better version out now for the same exact price.

gogators3908d ago

most people don't care what HDMI is.

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an_idiot3909d ago

The real question should be if these systems have the 65 nm CPU and GPU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!! AM I THE ONLY ONE WHO WANTS TO KNOW?!?!?!?

power0919993909d ago

I would love to know this as well. I am truely hoping the new hardware helps with the 360's reliablity.

I want to see a nice solid machine come out of the negitive press.

StateofMind3909d ago

65nm, HDMI, added heatsink, and a 3 year warranty for $349 = me interested.

Fighter3909d ago

The 65nm chips will lessen my insecurities about the hardware problem. Even though I prefer my PS3 over all consoles I would like to buy a 360 just for some of the exclusives. But I would hate paying for online. I hope that's the next issue MS tackle. I'm sure they will get more customers as well as please their existing ones.

ReBurn3909d ago

I may go to Best Buy at lunch just to see if they have any.

BIadestarX3909d ago

@power091999, that's a valid question... but it makes more sense why they shouldnt... there are some premium without HDMI.... people would be asking for the one with HDMI... heck.. when they run out of thouse then it's safe to tell the world...

you are forgeting the elit comes with a 120GB hard drive... and you would be more than dumb.. if you buy one for $179....
I have an elite... and I didnt buy it for HDMI... heck.. I am not even using HDMI... I am using VGA... I got it because it was black.. and because it has 120GB hard drive... I have another Premium... (no HDMI) on my HD TV.... I don't see any difference between HDMI and component for all my games... take a look at my HD DVD player... it does not go with the rest of the stuff in my home office... I have both consoles.. HDMI and no HDMI... my TV has HDMI... and I'm not even using it... VGA looks better... too bad.. the PS3 does not have VGA.. because it would go well next to my xbox 360. black black...

warrior6673909d ago

Take it easy with the dots. And consider hitting the enter-key once in a while.

Anyway. How come theres still no word if these new ones are 65n or not. No rush buying if its still the old heaters.

power0919993909d ago

I guess your right... if it is advertised they would have issues getting rid of current stock. A little scetchy on MS side, but it's business none the less.

Nice setup by the way. What are you using to get sound? It looks like your using PC monitors. I have a 1080i monitor which works alright, but don't really have the means for sound.

I was thinking of getting a sound blaster, and playing sound through my PC.

How is your set up?

BIadestarX3909d ago

I am using very cheap speakers they are not that bad; since I am 3 feet away from them and only use them primarity for the xbox 360 (I like using headset with mic) on my PC to play games.
The xbox 360 VGA comes with to component cables (red+white) and a little plug that makes it standard audio plug. it works for me.

"Take it easy with the dots. And consider hitting the enter-key once in a while." I will take your advice. specially if it distracts you on the point I was trying to make.

TJ Crucial3909d ago

Bladestar, you kick ass! I was afraid to admit that I bought my Elite just because it was black. But imagine black leather furniture with a black shelving unit and a black HDTV, then a stinky white Xbox...

Either way, the 120GB drive is obviously sweet and I'll probably take a lot of flak for this but I DID notice a slight improvement with HDMI vs. component(RGB), in terms of the smoothness of the picture. A good example is the Ubisoft logo before R6V, it played a little choppy with Component cables, but after I went HDMI, I noticed that it smoothed itself out and wasn't choppy to the eyes anymore. Saint's Row and Gears look better too. The color seems to be a bit more vivid now as well, but I could be wrong...

Sovannah Phum3909d ago

I believe this is a clear admission you are a fanboy. :)

gogators3908d ago

I just don't see that much of a difference to warrent an absolute need for HDMI. I can't really use HDMI until Denon actually updates their AVR 4806ci to the 4808ci model.

As a side note, there are pictures showing the zephyr motherboards currently being used in the newer premium models and not the Falcon yet.

jlemdon3908d ago (Edited 3908d ago )

in a sense your right because I have my 360 on VGA and PS3 HDMI and most of my 360 looks a lil cleaner except for darkness which clearly the PS3 version outshines the 360.(off topic)But my HD-DVD movies looks better than my Blu-ray movies.

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