Who needs Blu-ray or HD DVD

OPPO Digital is well-regarded among DVD players, and although there seems to be a number of upscaling DVD players, the company claims that its DV-980H is the first to upscale a standard-definition DVD to 1080p and 7.1 channels of stereo sound.

The price? $169. More specs after the jump

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Bill Gates3994d ago

I think this question should be asked to Rockstar. I'm sure they will say.....

"the 360 NEEDS Blu-ray cause we just don't have enough disk space to create the type of sandbox game that we want to create this generation. It's becasue of the 360's use of DVD9 why we had to delay GTA4.".....AAHAAHAAHA

And that's word for word from my uncle that owns Rockstar. I'm not talking smack XBOTS. It's the truth...AAHAHAHAHA

socomnick3994d ago

there should be a age requirement to post comments on n4gs this 10 year old makes me feel dumber everytime I read one of his post.

The Real Joker3994d ago

I call BS on what this player can do. Of course I have BR and HDDVD so of course Iam going to say this.

cdzie13994d ago

Blu-ray and HD DVD look 10 times better than upscaled standard DVDs.

Wolverick3994d ago

Ummm... i sure as hell do

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The story is too old to be commented.