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Natsu X FairyTail2174d ago

Good marketing. I'll most definitely buy Move now. /s

Fishy Fingers2174d ago

Ha, yeah it's pretty cheap, both MS and Sony have done this now. I imagine Nintendo were doing exactly the same back around the launch of the wii. Simplest form of marketing, but hell, it works, we clicked on it didnt we.

Downtown boogey2174d ago

But really... The game they were playing... Useless.

Narutone662174d ago

are Chinese/Taiwanese girls. I hate those high-pitch voices.

Baba19062174d ago

thats what i thought. arent they talking chinese?

Ilikegames762173d ago

girls are Taiwanese, but the subtitles are in Simplified Chinese.

tplarkin72174d ago

The girls were cute, but the game looks good, too. It reminds me of Wreckless for the Xbox 1. (An under-appreciated game.)

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Denethor_II2174d ago

I gonna look at your pic with due caution.

ukilnme2174d ago

ROFLMAO. That is damn near the funniest thing I have seen on N4G.

dredgewalker2174d ago

I knew that Move will also appeal to the ladies.....i guess they love the shape...

ranmafandude2174d ago

them sexy ass japanese girls. do they like black guys lol.

TrevorPhillips2174d ago

they like every guys.

Whatever they'll see they will go for it lol

butthead4love2174d ago SpamShowReplies(1)
Gue12174d ago

only if you have a big dicku

Denethor_II2174d ago

Have you not seen Full Metal Jacket?

Acquiescence2174d ago

and according to Full Metal Jacket, Vietnamese chicks are wary of the BBC.

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divideby02174d ago

I have yet to see a vid or pix or anything (mainly the missing killer app) to make me consider buying Kin NOW.. MS really F'up, it they priced Kin properly, I would have said what the heck and bought one. High over charged price and no killer app and a bunch of time wasters...I will use the Wii and other consoles without motion or kin

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The story is too old to be commented.