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Submitted by fastrez 2008d ago | article

The Five Greatest Peter Molyneux Quotes

NowGamer recaps the maddest, most bizarre quotes ever uttered by peter Molyneux surrounding the Fable trilogy, Milo and more. (Culture, Fable 2, Fable 3, Lionhead Studios, Peter Molyneux, Xbox 360)

fastrez  +   2008d ago
Thrillhouse  +   2008d ago
I think he has some great ideas that would be really good for games, but sometimes he really should keep his tongue in check.

I like his enthusiasm, though.
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fastrez  +   2008d ago
Yeah no one can deny he's got a real passion for game creation, it's refreshing to see :)
SilentNegotiator  +   2007d ago
"We've decided that since people were disappointed that there was no acorn story mission in Fable 2, that we would make an entire game based on planting acorns to grow new trees"

Acorn: The Videogame
....and it ends up not having anything to do with acorns.
Corrwin  +   2008d ago
"In Fable II, you can do anything!"
"Welcome to Fable II Tutorial... You can't do anything."
fastrez  +   2008d ago
Haha, well said. Have a bubble vote!
comp_ali  +   2008d ago
TBh , this man is probably the best one microsfot has, better than greenberg at least.
fastrez  +   2008d ago
kasasensei  +   2008d ago
Dear Sir Molyneux.
I do not care about your quotes, nor your games.
Sincerely not yours.
Rhapsody_  +   2008d ago
Love this guy :) the #1 quote was pretty funny :)
Theonik  +   2008d ago
Dear Mr Moluneux,
I'm still waiting for that accorn i planted on Fable 1 to grow...

Quote #1 was epic btw.
Feckles  +   2007d ago
"Sire, the acorns are ready" LOL.
AliTheBrit19  +   2007d ago
Haha peter is awesome.
hazelamy  +   2007d ago
you gotta love molyneux, a true original in the gaming industry, without characters like molyneux, kojima, wright and other visionary developers gaming would be very stale by now.
hazelamy  +   2007d ago
does anybody remember the quest where you meet hammer? getting water for the golden acorn.
it wasn't exactly crucial to the plot but it was there. :)

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