FFVII Remake Petition

There's a petition flying around the net for the remake of FFVII and has received almost 14,000 signatures. The rumor of FFVII being remade started when SquareEnix showed a tech demo running for the PS3 but so far, there are no confirmation that it is, in fact, under development.

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Rythrine4025d ago

I just signed. I thought I might share this with my fellow FFVII fans out there who weren't aware about this like me.

Omega Kaze4025d ago

Final Fantasy VII although maybe not the best in the series(arguably), its the game that I became extremely attached to as a kid. When I hear the theme songs played of it can make me sad, or send chills down my spine. This would be an amazing remake if they ever did it.

PS360WII4025d ago

I mean come on. What is a petition going to do really. Square Enix already knows about a hundred times over that people want a FFVII remake. They'll make it when they want or if ever.

johnnywit4025d ago

well, I don't know what a petition will do, but if they remade this game on PS3 I would buy 2 of them. If you want to talk about a game that will sell systems this is it. I personally think FF7 has one of the best stories ever and some of the most memorable characters as well. I hope they remake it.

Bebedora4025d ago

for the rest of the world at times, you know that culture are not driven by petitions. So, I agree with you. Still, sweet if made. That E3 demo of FFVII just causes braindamage because you still hoping.

Chug4025d ago

If they remake this classic.

VirusE4025d ago

This would sell a TON of ps3s. FFVII is in my opinion the best final fantasy ever. The materia system rocked, the story was amazing and sephiroth was just cool as hell. How can you not like a guy whos special move is to destroy the universe? Sure it took like 5 minutes but i never got tired of watching it.

Odion4025d ago

6 is better *cough* What?

VirusE4025d ago

6 was one of the only ones that i never got a chance to play.

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The story is too old to be commented.