Greatest Competitive Games of All Time - Goldeneye: 007

In honor of the thriving competitive gaming world at Major League Gaming and beyond, the editors at MLG wish to honor and chronicle the history of competitive gaming. During the coming months, MLG will profile the greatest competitive titles to ever see release. Each week MLG will spotlight one title, whose influence and community shaped the behemoth that gamers today know as competitive gaming. For many MLG players, their introduction into the world of first-person-shooters came thanks to Goldeneye: 007. Fittingly, MLG begins their tribute list with this undeniable classic.

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P4KY B3997d ago

So many great memories.

From the first time you killed someone with the sniper rifle on the dam.
To camping at the body armour in the library.
And eveyone arguing over who got to be OddJob in multiplayer because he was small and hard to hit.

Then there was the damn proximity mines!

timmyp533997d ago

that guy was short as crap lol

sticky doja3997d ago

I want this game on Live Arcade so bad its rediculous.

MACHone3997d ago

I played the heck out of that game.

I still think that the original Perfect Dark was an improvement in every way, but Goldeneye still has its charms.

sticky doja3997d ago

Grenade Launchers in the temple? That was insanity at its finest. Bouncing frags off 3 different walls to fall on a helpless friends melon. Good times, good times.

nobizlikesnowbiz3997d ago

If they released this as an XBLA multiplayer over live, I might collapse from the orgasm in my brain.

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