Heavenly Sword: We Built This City...

Here's a little treat for you all: two environmental flythroughs, including a sneaky look at their base geometry wire frame. The first video shows the area leading up to the Banquet Hall in Chapter 2, which is actually right after where the PSN demo ends. The second is Roach's Arena from Chapter 3, which you might recognise from the E3 2007 trailer. Both are good examples of the level of detail added to all the environments throughout Heavenly Sword.

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HowarthsNJ4024d ago

Wonder if there will be a score CD?

very relaxing.

HowarthsNJ4024d ago (Edited 4024d ago )

Did he create this for the game or is it from a current album?

Edit: Just looked it up - 3.5 hour score for Heavenly Sword. Very cool.

nurayi4023d ago

thought the same thing at first. one thing I loved about the demo was the music. especially how it ebbs and flows with your combat, almost like rez, but toned way down. Great music. Hopefully you can unlock a jukebox type feature :X

timmyp534024d ago

i guess its because the link has a "/" on the end

DiLeCtioN4024d ago

i did lol sorry looks like i got there time hey,tim.

on topic now. i think the music is relaxing dont know why the fanboys are disagreeing and the walkthrough is good too.

alexander22rednaxela4024d ago

GameSpot says the games difficulty level is quite high.

ShAkKa4024d ago

i think i`ll like the soundtrack music of this game.

vitord14024d ago

love this game :P

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The story is too old to be commented.