OFT refers GAME to Competition Comission

Back in May this year European software retailer GAME announced that it was acquiring its nearest High Street competitor Gamestation for GBP 74 million (EUR 108m).

Shortly afterwards the UK's Office of Fair Trading announced that it was investigating the deal to ensure there was no negative impact on the consumer from any loss of competition in the sector.

At the time GAME commented that "As expected we have notified the acquisition of Gamestation to the OFT for normal regulatory review. This review will take about two months and we will be co-operating fully with the OFT process."

However, the OFT today announced its decision to refer the acquisition to the Competitions Commission.

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VTKC3909d ago

I hate GAME! things are so expensive in there! Gamestation and Playtime are the best. I remember when Metalslug 3 came out on PS2 and Game was selling it for 39.99! I went in Playtime and bought it for 28.99 brand new!

Daewoodrow3909d ago

I was really annoyed when I heard they bought gamestation and Gameplay. GAME screwed up several of my orders and then took weeks to refund a game they never sent to me, so I changed all my orders to Gameplay, turns out they still get my money.

nirwanda3909d ago

buy's exclusives like the bioshock collectors edition, took me a whole day of walking and driving around to find the limited edition oblivion when that came out only to find out it was exclusive to game the assistances in the other shops i went in did know if it was available as it didn't show up on there computers to me this is unfair competition.

Vip3r3909d ago

Game sometimes has some good deals but for new PS3, 360 and PC games they are usually a bump. Asda have decent prices for games.

nirwanda3909d ago

tesco's and morrisons do as well shop around and there is allway's the blockbuster deal if you like to trade in stuff.

tonsoffun3908d ago

To be hinest, I thought this would be going this way when game announced the aquisition of gamestation - there are really no other national alternatives out there now.

Don't get me wrong, I primarily use tesco or asda for games as they are usually cheaper, but it is always game or gamestation I go to for the special pre-orders - I got my Wii on launch day from game no probs and plan on getting the legendary edition of Halo 3 from game, but it saddens me that there is no real competition in the market now.