Does the Playstation Move Work in the Dark?

Mucu from GOS writes, "This was by far one of the most asked questions when I got my hands on the Move. Well, I just decided to try it out and the results are in. Watch the video to find out if you will be able to get your Move on with the lights out.

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FanOfGaming2811d ago (Edited 2811d ago )


Edit: watched the video, awesome, I don't play with light on most of the time anyway lol


FanOfGaming2811d ago

I want more experiments mucu -- like: Will it blend? lulz

Bigpappy2811d ago

So does any spot light in my home. Whats the point?

TheTeam062811d ago (Edited 2811d ago )

Well, the Eyetoy and Kinect don't, so they were testing it out to see if the Move could do it like the Wii can (although I'm pretty sure Sony mentioned that it would work in the dark already, hence the glow).

That was the point.

DORMIN2811d ago

I guess this article is informational for those who didn't know, but if any of you watched videos of Move at E3 showroom floor, you would notice that most of the booths were dim to no lighting.

Its actually a cool aesthetic having the LED light on the controller, especially when they make it work with games like Sorcery.

SeNiLe9112811d ago

actually, the Kinect should work in the dark no problem since it has an infrared projector combined with a monochrome CMOS sensor.

"The depth sensor consists of an infrared projector combined with a monochrome CMOS sensor, and allows the Kinect sensor to see in 3D under any ambient light conditions."

But a video proving it would be nice to see.

RageAgainstTheMShine2811d ago

On top of Move working in the dark, that LED sphere's light is what makes data processing for the PS Eye the fastest.

Tom Cruise's gloves in Minority Report have LED lights. The move is like its prototype.

ExplosionSauce2811d ago

The Kinect cam works in dark/dim lit rooms, but to be able to work in completely dark rooms like the one shown in this video would still be kind of hard. You could argue that the light emitted from the TV may be enough for Kinect, but an external light source may still be required.

Wii works because of its IR sensor and Move works because of the track-ball. The human body, without either of those things would be hard to track on camera.

rroded2811d ago

o rit it dont work even with the lights on...

ha take that you bubble popping kinect supporters!!!

RedDragan2810d ago



Ambient lighting is not dark

AssassinHD2810d ago

The glow of the TV creates ambient light. You were not expecting to use the Move with the TV off were you?

Anon19742810d ago

I use a 1080p home theater projector in my den. The less light the better, but I learned that even though the PS eye camera is able to see in the dark, most of the software I had bought for it thus far didn't do nearly as well in low lighting as it did when I could turn on the pot lighting, thus effecting my projected image.

Again, just another reason why I think Move will be right for me.

jadenkorri2810d ago

that we won't see an article "kinect, will it work in the dark".

cliffbo2810d ago

the PSEye cannot see in the dark, it's the MOVE controller's light it sees. that's why it works and Kinect can't

rockleex2810d ago

Mainly because of the light cast from the TV.

But if a PS Eye game has dark gameplay sections too, then you're outta luck.

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DarkTower8052811d ago

but with Sony you don't even have to doubt if it will work in the dark, sitting down, close or far. They take that much care into their products that we know if they release it, then it's pretty much good to go.

Can't wait to get my Time Crisis on in the dark.

Mr Logic2811d ago

"Ambient light conditions" does not = darkness.

SeNiLe9112811d ago

neither is the room with the glow of a TV on you, creating "Ambient light conditions".

inveni02811d ago

Nowadays, with computers being what they are, the term "ambient light" means less "available light" and more "evenly distributed light". So, when we say, "There's a lot of ambient light here," we're actually making reference to the fact that everything seems to be lit very evenly and indirectly. The light from a TV wouldn't normally be considered a source of ambient light because it doesn't light evenly. It would more resemble a spot or flood light.

SeNiLe9112811d ago

Well in theory, Kinect should work in Total Darkness thanks to the infrared projector. Just like Infrared Cameras and Night Vision Goggles, they can see in pitch black darkness.

Howstuffworks http://electronics.howstuff...

-SIXAXIS-2810d ago

@SeNiLe911: But in theory the Kinect should work while sitting down as well...

SeNiLe9112810d ago (Edited 2810d ago )

and it shall, if the game or application was made to.

Don't expect to play Dance Central sitting down though. LOL

I wounder if I would get more agrees if I stop stating facts and start making up stuff that makes no since at all. Ahh, who cares!

BigPenguin2810d ago (Edited 2810d ago )

Yes, the IR projector and CMOS sensor would work in pitch darkness. But the Kinect also needs its RGB camera to work. It has one of those shoved up inside it as well.

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Theonik2811d ago

Of course it would work in the dark. The thing has a glowing ball in the end ffs.

The Lazy One2810d ago

why would it not work? There's a reason they stuck bright glowing balls on the end of the controllers.

KingME2810d ago

As long as the bulb on the end of move is on, the why would one think it's in the dark. I would think that move works better in the dark.

A better question would be does move work under very bright conditions, like perhaps on a sunny patio on a bright sunny day.

n4gno2810d ago

"It's not in the dark
As long as the bulb on the end of move is on"

lol. imagination of fanboyz is endless (he can't see "start" button on his controler, but he's not in the dark, poor xfanz)

ARBitrator2809d ago (Edited 2809d ago )

He's not the one being tested for working in the dark. The damn controller is.

Just because the guy can't see the start button doesn't mean the PS Eye can't see the 60 watt light bulb on top of the controller, pull your head out of your butt.

One of the primary basis for move is that the camera can see the bulb, do you not think it's easier to see something that is lit up is by viewing it in the dark.

Can you see a glow in the dark 1 inch ball sitting on a table at 200 yards? No! I bet you can if they turn the lights off. Get it?

goflyakite2810d ago

I don't know why this was a "most asked question". The light would be more recognizable in the dark.

avengers19782810d ago

I already have my sports champions bundle reserved, IMO it is going to be a very nice addition to my already great PS3 gaming.

DarkSpawnClone2810d ago

Does the Playstation Move Work in the Dark?

Duh!! -__-

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Natsu X FairyTail2811d ago

of course it works. Sony wouldnt release something knowing it wouldnt work in the dark.

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