Apple Kicks Microsoft Where It Hurts

Apple's announcement this week of new iMacs, software, and services strikes at the Windows platform's core strengths. The new generation of iMacs, priced starting at $1,199, compete on price/performance with midrange PCs. And Apple rounded out its iWork suite with the Numbers spreadsheet software and other capabilities, making it a head-to-head competitor with Microsoft Office.

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Odion4028d ago

its to bad no one is going to switch to Apple to do office work, since you know... apples are multimedia machines

Zhuk4028d ago (Edited 4028d ago )

Agreed Apple against Microsoft in the PC market is like a bee sting, not a kick! Make a machine that is competitively priced and that can do everything windows can (without resorting to dual boot) and I would buy one :) no point in paying extra money for a glorified word processor

JsonHenry4028d ago

The day when Apple opens up their OS so that you can build your own apple from scratch is the day the apple market share rises.

But then Apple would have to learn to program an OS to work with more than just a handful of components officially signed off on themselves. (windowsXP will work with almost anything you put into a system)

Omegasyde4028d ago

Yea but Macs are less susceptible to viruses and Imacs don't nearly crash a quarter of what Vista does.

Apple may beat them on the O.S. but Microsoft Office is king for years to come. No denying that.

(Perhaps they could team up with Google/Linnux/Mozilla?)
"My enemy's enemy is my friend?"?

Xeoset4028d ago

'compete on price/performance with midrange PCs'


I could build a quality rig, that rund practically all the latest games for half that price. Whoever spends that much at a store is an idiot, whoever spends that much on a Mac should be shot.

gta_cb4028d ago

i agree, i saw advertised a pc with a quad core at about £600 with a decent gpu and ram etc, i will never spend that much on a PC (in one go) especially not a MAC

EDF 20174028d ago

Every new generation of iMac's the Mac dorks start talking about Macageddon "We are coming for you Microsoft!!!", but yet the Windows userbase keeps expanding dwarfing every other operating system, Mac might as well power calculators. Vista userbase surpassed Mac userbase only after a couple of months on the market and that is really, really, really, sad.

By the way I could build a high performance PC for $1200 and it would smoke the iMac at MULTIMEDIA processing and gaming.

socomnick4028d ago

Care to let me know what the kind of pc I can build for 1000 dollars I wana build my first gaming pc :)

Syko4028d ago

The biggest problem is companies wont adopt Mac's because 90+% of their employees have PC's at home. So it is a compatibility issue mostly.

PS360WII4028d ago

Well to apple stricking a cord with MS's domination may mean from them to go from 5% market share to 6%. Everylittle bit helps. I have a few PC's to my name but I'm still thinking about getting a Macbook Pro.

But yea the price is still high and doesn't compete quite yet. It's getting better though getting better

Odion4028d ago

thats true, but when your on track to have your OS on a Billion comptuers at the end of the year, Mac can do what they want.

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The story is too old to be commented.