Kill Kast 13: Jailbreaking is Legal, What That Means for Gaming

After a bit of a technical issue Spawn Kill’s Kill Kast is back with episode 13! In this episode they talk about recent news, what they’ve been playing (Critter Crunch!), they laugh about a study that says kids who play games can turn into drug addicts later in life, and they discuss our topic of the podcast which is the recent copyright ruling that essentially said jailbreaking an iPhone to create homebrew apps is legal and what that means for gaming.

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theherp803046d ago

jailbreaking is legal, now i have to learn how to make apps...

rrquinta3046d ago

I think it will be interesting to see if this new exception is expanded in the future, or if it is left as-is.


Kill kast isn't even remotely humorous and entirely bereft of pseudo intellectual material, suggesting a room full of dull,bored,cynical misanthropes with a lust for reducing others to a similar state.
Thnx for coming out.