Reasons why videogames are better than chicks, according to some guy

One YouTube gamer explains how videogames are better than women. It's an interesting discussion that could anger some people, but others will be grasping for air with laughter towards some of this gamer's hilarious points.

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killcycle2781d ago

I love video games but comparing them to chicks?

Sorry, I don't think so.

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captain-obvious2781d ago

well i cant fuck my games now can i ??

Apollyn2781d ago

Real Touch :- Google it

Immortal3212781d ago

I do disagree with some of the reason, but then again, It's reality and most chicks these days, well the chicks I deal with are either taken, or too scandalous(im 19 and she 14, what the fck), or too expensive, or don't appeal to, or confuse, and the worst, down right stupid.(not a cheat code)

Quagmire2781d ago

hey, fat chicks need love too, they just gotta pay

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Newtype2781d ago

dont compare them to chicks, they will break your gaming console.

derkasan2781d ago

That's right - just ask the hundreds of people on YouTube...

IrieMars2781d ago

Chicks man! Pretty funny vid.

lscott452781d ago

he never talks about what girls can do but video games cant . . . hehe

-Judge_Fudge2781d ago

and thats why he will never be as delicious as me

Hazmat132781d ago

f*** you judge fudge! lol

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The story is too old to be commented.