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Son, 9, saves dad in runaway truck, wants a PS3

9-year-old Matty Lovo saved his father, Matt Lovo, who passed out behind the wheel of his tractor-trailer. Carrying more than 100,000 pounds of weight behind him, young Matty took control of the big rig and called for help via C.B. radio despite never having been behind the wheel of a car.

"Without Matty's quick effort, he, his father and others could've been seriously injured. CNN's Kyra Phillips asked him if he thought he was a hero and he unabashedly answered "Yeah." So, what is the young, self-described hero of nine going to do now? "He keeps telling me he thinks he needs his PlayStation 3 now for a reward," his father answered for him." (Culture, PS3)

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Bordel_1900  +   2916d ago
Hehe, nice story. Warms my heart to see good kids only wanting the best :)

DarthBillBoy, lol, yeah, you're prob right.
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ShiftyLookingCow  +   2916d ago
nah the kid is a kid and he wants the most expensive toy
eLiNeS  +   2916d ago
...because all the Xbox 360 were sold out from the recent price drop :(
jromao  +   2916d ago
Yes, smart kid
Dealing with that truck only shows the kid is very smart, of course that means he knows what's good and PS3 is only option. If he crashed the truck then x360 would probably be his choice.

Fortunately kids are getting smarter everyday :)
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uxo22  +   2916d ago
Incredible how this story was responded to and or even posted. Just shows how fanboyism has no boundaries. Here is tommorrow's headline for another mal-posted news story. "Typical oxygen breathing human, wants a PS3."

poet215  +   2915d ago
I don't agree with what you all call flaming. I bought a 60gb PS3 last 11/17/06 & I actually enjoy it. I had bought a 360 on 11/22/05, but the (then) lack of a LCD TV, the 360 was sold later the same day. Not to mention it froze on me several times & I foresaw all kinds of trouble down the line. Basically, I want all consoles to strive & do well. I do plan on buying another 360 eventually. But damn Son, stop trying to brainwash everybody into your way of thinking. You have a 360 & you're happy with it. Stop trying to be the N4G, console dictator/totalitarian. I've been reading alot of your posts. Son, you're a real clown.
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xmod  +   2915d ago
yeah son
Vavoom  +   2914d ago
poet215 you make a good point
But, you should have addressed that message to damn there this entire site. Because almost everyone on here does it from time to time; including yourself.

But, good point though
SofaKingReetodded  +   2916d ago
Yet another example
that those of superior intelligence always choose PS3, had the kid been an xbot Dad wouldn't be alive today.
ShiftyLookingCow  +   2916d ago
LMAO at this and the disagrees.
InMyOpinion  +   2916d ago
Or that PS3 owners have the intelligence of kids...
eLiNeS  +   2916d ago
@2 ...You are right, because he would have been to busy playing games on it.
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secret  +   2916d ago
This is just so funny...lol
Bolts  +   2915d ago
Best. Post. Evar.
kingboy  +   2916d ago
Give that kid his ps3 console guaranteed to last until his 19th birthday
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eLiNeS  +   2916d ago
Sony, "give the boy a PS3, we have plenty just sitting on the shelf."
Keyser  +   2916d ago
Why so full of hate my friend?
Vavoom  +   2914d ago
Why do you see eLines as full of hate, he is doing nothing different than the pro-ps3 people in this thread, yet you say nothing to them. Kinda hypocritical. IMO
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Bebedora  +   2916d ago
Now we really know who wants it
“He keeps telling me he thinks he needs his PlayStation 3 now for a reward,” his father answered for him.
ShiftyLookingCow  +   2916d ago
very insightful!
Ludwig  +   2916d ago
Uh, if every kid that asks for a PS3 get into "news" in this website.... we better call it "N4S" ..
strongbad1441  +   2915d ago
to be fair
that is a story you don't often hear about
InMyOpinion  +   2916d ago
Kids always know what's best for them...
ShiftyLookingCow  +   2916d ago
thats why they are kids
eLiNeS  +   2916d ago
a few min. later kid *hits head with hand* "WOW, I could've had a 360"
\/ \/ \/ \/ \/

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ShAkKa  +   2916d ago
@ elines
exactly what we needed another x-boy in the ps3 section.
now to important things,if that what the kid wants he deserve it.
eLiNeS  +   2916d ago
Whats wrong can't take a joke? Man the PS3 crowd sure has there panties in a bunch. Is it because the Xbox 360 out sold the PS3 1,000,000 to 1 this week?
ShAkKa  +   2915d ago
@ elines
you have been making more than one joke here my friend and sadly they are all pretty bad and tasteless,but then again the more people that comment on ps3 section the more that shows how popular ps3 really is to love or hate it doesn`t matter.
MK_Red  +   2916d ago
Good boy. Saves the day, the dad and the Sony. Nice find and nice story. Wish more kids were smart enough to go with next-gen consoles.
Ravenator529  +   2916d ago
I don't think any of you know how insane this is!
I run a shipping department and I see these types of trucks every single day. For a 9 year old to take the wheel and use the CB at the same time is pretty amazing.

With that much weight being towed behind the tractor, that kid could have easily "jacknifed" that trailer and either killed him, his father, and anyone else on the road around him.

Buy the kid the dam PS3! He deserves it!
Agent VX  +   2916d ago
Wow, not does only pro-sony internet forum chat make it on this site, which is bad enough. But this article makes it on here, poor, very poor N4G.

This site diffenently has the pro Sony spin, but this article takes the cake. Absolutely reaching for the gutter on this one.
ShiftyLookingCow  +   2916d ago
all jokes aside there is ofcourse no question the kid deserves his PS3
Keyser  +   2916d ago
Agent VX...
The kid saving his dad is news enough but the fact that he wants a game console makes it N4G news worthy.

Is it just the fact that he (and his dad) wants a PS3 that bothers you?
secret  +   2916d ago
Ravenator, plesae buy the kid the PS3...thanks.
Umbrella Corp  +   2915d ago
You'll hear his voice while playing Resisistance "I drove a truck onetime!"
nix  +   2916d ago
good idea...
let me go and help somebody... LOL! q:

yeah... give the kid his PS3! (((:

smart kid, by the way.
ShiftyLookingCow  +   2916d ago
waiting for this kid to grow up and become the Angry Playstation Nerd, he will be reviewing Genji first then Super Rub a Dub

[edit] @ShadowFlare, hilarious
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Shadow Flare  +   2916d ago
If that kid were an xbox fan
then he wouldn't have bothered doing anything because he's used to things breaking down
genix13  +   2916d ago
au contraire
he would've tried to use a towel...lol
Daishi  +   2915d ago
Thank God he wasn't a Nintendo fan cause he would have just gone "Wiiii!"
power091999  +   2916d ago
This kid...
This kid is actually an Xbot. His 360 is out for repairs.

If his 360 was working he would of been in the back of the cab playing it, and not saved his, and his fathers life.

Moral of the story: Broken Xbox 360's save lives.....


I love my 360, AND PS3 :)
ElementX  +   2916d ago
So a kid saves a life and wants a reward? Even at that age I knew better.
SwiderMan  +   2915d ago
Really? Cause...
Have you ever *really* wanted a toy at age 9? I would've played up the same angle get all of the Power Ranger MegaZords back when I was nine... especially if I, you know, SAVED ME DAD'S LIFE.
codeazrael  +   2916d ago
After the dad went and bought his kid the ps3, the kid became depressed from the lack of games, and out of sheer boredom as well as anger, he took some scissors, seen the brake lines to his dad's truck and......... ; )
power091999  +   2916d ago
Bazookajoe_83  +   2916d ago
Well a ps3 is the greatest console in the world!!!
Alot better than the 3fixme scratchbox ;-)
Nameless  +   2916d ago
If articles like these does not show how low n4g is becoming I dont know what will.
BIadestarX  +   2916d ago
This shows how desperate Sony fanboys are to get some good news...
Hey, if you can't get good news about the PS3 you have three options...
1) Invent one, 2) Dig for XBox 360 bad news, 3) Post a non-game related news where the word Playstation is mentioned.

*Note: just make sure you use it to flame the xbox 360.

Actually... some of this jokes are funny...

"His 360 is out for repairs." ahhh ahahahaha... hahahahaa...

"superior intelligence always choose PS3, had the kid been an xbot Dad " ahahaha ahhaha hahahahah ahahaha..

"then he wouldn't have bothered doing anything because he's used to things breaking down" ahaha hahah ahahah aha ahaha..

"Alot better than the 3fixme scratchbox " ahaha ahah ahah ahahaha

You people keep posting the same jokes... How is it.. that you don't get tired of repeating the samething that every single Sony fanboy keep repeating... you have to be more original than that... You obviously find yourselves funny....

ahahha ahaha ha ahah ha (Sorry just told myself a new joke)...

Here is a funny joke for you guys.. that obviously need help in that department... COD4 Beta went Gold.... and you are getting $h!t! ahhhh ahahahahahaha ahahahaha... Tell me that was not funny!

What's wrong!? ohh wait.. you only like the jokes that are aimed against the xbox 360... you can't take a joke on the PS3 too?
This goes to prove... Sony fanboys believe that they are the only ones that can comment and make jokes... well... you guys are going to have a hard time... making us stay quiet... when you guys are the ones that start the flame bait... And why you get mad at me... because I don't find your corny jokes funny? or.. it was the COD4 Beta... reality.. that pissed you off... is it my fault you are not getting COD4 Beta? take it on PSN... that's the service you should be mad at.. not me..
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Pug  +   2916d ago
You tool
Bazookajoe_83  +   2916d ago
Most of it are for fun with the gleam in the eye
But i most agree that this is a pretty low article and to much Bs article´s are getting aproved..
power091999  +   2916d ago
Dude calm down.

Nobody here stole your puppy, or spilled your glass of milk right?

RELAX... calm yourself.

9/10 of these jokes are meant in good fun.

Seriously dude, you need to get away from a computer and video games for a while, your really getting bent out of shape over nothing.

BTW: I made the "His 360 is out for repairs" joke. If you read the whole thing you would of also read the last sentence. "I KEED I KEED!! I LOVE MY 360, AND PS3". Not everyone is a fanboy.

trane07  +   2916d ago
Its good to see the old dumbass hyper 360 sensitive fanboy known as bladestar back out the box. The charade was getting dumb lol. Still generalizing like an asshole and still have the MS dildo shot up your ass. Too funny.

Its even more hilarious how you consider calling sony gamers fanboys, but whoot and holler in every degree for your 360. LOL what a shame. You're worse than they are. These damn idiots on n4g are something else, and you are one of the frontrunners.
Tempo  +   2916d ago
heh heh
and you're always hanging off the guy's balls ...so whats new, if you don't like his comments you know what to do.
KeMoBLUE  +   2916d ago
you're an idiot fanboy. so what if you got the beta you act as if the game is a 360 eclusive. ill be enjoying it at 1080p on my ps3 when it releases.
Staircase  +   2916d ago
That wasn't a "Joke." That was you bashing the PS3. The reason their is Sony fanboys is because there are MS fanboys, and vice versa. If people just stopped being fanboys, the other fanboys would have nobody to argue with.
XxZxX  +   2916d ago
hey blade ,back to your old self already, last 2 week you are tone down so much. Now XBOX 360 #1 in Amazon, I never seen you so happy before. Good for you. but Enjoy while you can ok? you deserve this after two weeks of FUD.
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cmrbe  +   2915d ago
cool down man
Up until i read your comment every other before your were lighthearted and funny and then you just got all hot and defensive. Man you need to lighten up. If the tables were turned i would enjoy as well lighthearted staps at the PS3. Dude its just a bloody console. Not your relative. Anyways i believe this kids deserve what he wants or rather what his father wants haha.
Alvadr  +   2916d ago
PS3 - The console of heros!
cmrbe  +   2915d ago
Nice one. Sony should use this in their advertising campaign haha just kiding
Daishi  +   2915d ago
They need to fire the marketing director that thought cutting a head off a goat for GoW 2 was a good idea and replace him with this kid.
Nameless  +   2916d ago
More like The Console Of Greedy Kids since thats what this kid is
nobizlikesnowbiz  +   2916d ago
Some of those jokes are funny.

I could hurl the same type or turdish sh1t too.

He wanted a PS3 because he's a superficial kid, who wants nothing but the most expensive toy on the market because he feels like he deserves it for saving a life. That kids got morals, let me tell you.

Bladestar had truth in his comment. You guys really do search hard for some turd articles with any mention of Playstation in a slightly positive light.

While on the other hand you scour the net looking for everything negative about the 360, in hopes it will make people stop buying the console. Wrong. Stop trying.

This kid did good, but he needs to be taught a lesson that saving your dads life is just something your supposed to do if its in your power, and you don't demand a reward for doing it.
tplarkin7  +   2916d ago
His reward is in heaven.
If my son asked for a reward, I would tell him that it is in heaven. I might buy him a PS3, but I would make sure that he doesn't expect rewards for doing good deeds. He should do them without any expectation for reward.
KeMoBLUE  +   2916d ago
this is probably how it would have played out if his dad said no to the ps3.
before the tractor roles of a cliff..boy jumps in and stops it just as his dad wakes up.

Kid: hey dad i just saved your life

Dad:thanks, son your my hero

Kid: yea yea whatever. i think i want a ps3 as a reward

Dad: sorry son i can't buy that for you now

Kid: WHAT!!! (puts a rock on the gas pedal and jumps out letting his dad role of the cliff)

Kid: Cheap Ass
KeMoBLUE  +   2916d ago
Smart Kid
chose the ps3.
nobizlikesnowbiz  +   2916d ago
Maybe this kid is a movie fiend. He wanted a BluRay player.

He certainly doesn't wanta PS3 for games...

<EDIT> What? My jokes don't count? Every Ps3 fanboy with a keyboard has the right to spew dumb jokes about the 360, and I'm not allowed?

Shut up.
#23.1 (Edited 2916d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
trane07  +   2916d ago
What the?
Just a second ago you were complaining about the sony fanboys, and now you're coming off as a dumbass xbot with that stupid ass comment. Jesus I hate these hypocritical dumbass fools. Funny how someone will try to call someone out on the negative when they are just as bad if not worse as the next fanboy.

Just a second ago you were complaining like some fool, and now you feel its alright to do the opposite? Stupid is what that sounds like. Tell your moms to shut her legs.
#23.2 (Edited 2915d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Agent VX  +   2916d ago
"The kid saving his dad is news enough but the fact that he wants a game console makes it N4G news worthy.

Is it just the fact that he (and his dad) wants a PS3 that bothers you?"

Excuse me, but what on earth does a kid wanting a PS3 have anything to do with video game news?

I used to come to this site expecting to find news on computer games and console games. Now what I have been seeing recently, is links to Sony "forums articles" and absolutely idiotic articles such as this. Anything to promote Sony and discredit Microsoft.

I expected much more from an supposed impartial web site like this, that advertises that's it's impartial. But more and more I keep seeing garbage like this.
SwiderMan  +   2916d ago
@ Agent VX above
"I expected much more from *an* supposed impartial web site like this"

Yeah, and I expected you to see "a" instead of "an" when followed by a consonant. Big whoop, stop tearing apart MY positive news story.
#24.1 (Edited 2916d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Hypnotic  +   2916d ago
I'm really surprised the kid didn't ask for a Wii. You would think it's much more suitable for a 9 year old.
Staircase  +   2916d ago
PS3, the Console of Heros. =P

Wow, i should read every comment before posting. Alvadr Said the same thing.
#26 (Edited 2916d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Robotz Rule  +   2916d ago
Just goes to show you
Only the best game Sony:)

Poor Xbots(bladestar,codeazrael)sti ll don't know any better,I can't wait till your 3fixme's come back from repairs so you guys can finally stfu!
#27 (Edited 2916d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Dlacy13g  +   2916d ago
Its a nice heart warming story....
But honestly how is this gaming news? Seriously? Alan001...how do you claim this is gaming news? What insight into the gaming world or even the world of the PS3 did we learn? NOTHING....all we know is a brave little kid wants a PS3.

Gee thanks for that wealth of information. We can all sleep a little easier now... Whats worse is all the fools who approved this story. And yes I say fools. Stop being such complete fanboys and just approving anything cause it mentions PS3 in it. THIS IS NOT GAMING NEWS! And honestly...this statement goes for the Xbox and Wii fanboys too! For the love of God please keep the news approved on this site relevant to GAMING news and not dribble / feel good stories that happen to mention your console in ONE line of the story.

All who approved...please explain to me why you approved..what in this story makes this Gaming news that gamers should read?
KingJFS  +   2916d ago
The News Bot approved this story. So I guess the site admins saw something useful and/or interesting in it.
Dlacy13g  +   2916d ago
One can only wonder what the News Bot saw in terms of the one line that mentions PS3 in it. LOL...oh well. Makes me feel a little better about how other people approve stories, etc.
Yosking  +   2916d ago
kid knows best...
I would buy the kid a ps3 myself. Then he would save me from a store (compusa) of exploding xbox's. lol
Maddens Raiders  +   2916d ago
...........(...........) -
He didn't want a 360 because he's a hero not a zero.

Out of the mouths of babes comes the truth. And out of the mouths of _Bots comes....well you know....
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