Microsoft Including Free Copies of Games With New 360 Models or Manufacturing Mistake?

GameZone wirtes:

"With a brand new system, you probably wouldn’t expect to find a disc already in the tray…correct? "

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Blaze9292987d ago

Would've been so badass if it was Halo: Reach left inside the tray instead.

rroded2987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

"A new Xbox 360 S owner was surprised today to find that after setting up his shiny new Xbox 360, he was greeted with the option to play Perfect Dark Zero. Puzzled by the option, he opened the disc tray to find a Microsoft Confidential disc inside his disc tray marked from 2005. "

so a disk got lefft in the tray at QA they got a pic of the manufactures disk 2 but thats pretty much it save ya the click freaking ads took a min to get thru sigh...

talk bout a slow news day eh besides im pretty sure its an old story...

Caspel2987d ago

old story? it happened to the poster I do believe.

rroded2987d ago

pretty sure i saw this story already or at least one just like it...

not really worth stressing over tho im surprised ta see this heat up. We're talking a perfect dark tester disk if it was reach or something cooler...

_EvilMonkey_2987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

its christmas in august!

qface642987d ago

perfect dark zero?
pffft that game was garbage

-MD-2987d ago

Because you were garbage at it.

Get some taste.

qface642987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

how can you be garbage at a game like this
this is among one of the easiest games around it pretty much does everything for you

taste? well you must have horrible taste if you consider this game good taste worthy

i say this game is garbage because it is just that a garbage game with no redeeming qualities whatsoever

EYEamNUMBER12987d ago

this game actually was terrible only reason people even got it was because there really wasn't much to get at the time

Elven62987d ago

The singleplayer was ok but the multiplayer was really fun, 32 players, large maps, bots, different AI's, etc.

There was some great post release support for the game from Rare as well.

SpLinT2986d ago

i agree. Garbage and ruined the name of the franchise.

multipayer2986d ago

People would have got it anyway, for being called "Perfect Dark" Zero and I think the multiplayer portion surpassed its predecessor.

qface acts like its modern warfare 2, that's what a FPS is like when it does everything for you. Actually play the game your commenting on next time.

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NewZealander2986d ago

it will be from the retailer, ive bought a console from one retailer and all the safety seals on the box had been opened, always make sure the seals on the packaging are intact, if not ask for one that is.

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Caspel2987d ago

I've had Kameo, PGR3 and PGR4 given to me by the customer service for slow returns.

Blaze9292987d ago

not bad at all. always better than the stupid 1 month free live cards they add.

MisterNiwa2987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

Well the workers of the place I bought my 360 from told me if I buy a 3 Month Xbox Live Membership I would get Kameo, PGR3 and the Arcade Disc with it.

This was a real awesome deal, bad thing about it, the Games were in some sloppy box with no cover at all.
Maybe they tried to get rid of the copies they used to test play? I dont know, lol.

ReBurn2987d ago

It appears that they're at least testing the things before they ship them out. That's good I guess.

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