PlaySeat Evolution - the best racing accessory ever?

The PlaySeat Evolution has just been released in the United Kingdom and promises to offer a "whole new dimension and simulation to the experience of racing games." It's even sponsored by the Dutch A1 racing team and been given the once over by their professional drivers, don't you know?

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Dusty3994d ago

I bought this seat whith my copy of Dirt. Anyone who are into Rally / WRC games knows that a good seat to attach the stearing wheel is a must. You can of course quite easily make one of these yourself, which I did once, but the result is not always pretty. The PlaySeat Evolution both looks and works great, so I must say I am quite happy with it so far.

Dlacy13g3993d ago

I got it for Forza w/ the wireless wheel. Its a great set up....and it looks great too. There are some tweaks you may want to do here and there in terms of how you attach the wheel...but over all its a great seat for racing.

And honestly...for the price compared to the other seats out there ...its a great deal! There are some cheaper seats but they are just that...cheaper. And the more expensive ones....well...lets just say this will offer up pretty much everything those will...and take less room.

deepujatt20053993d ago

ell this work with my ps3..