Juiced 2: Hot Import Nights Online Hands-on

Flashing lights, sweaty, beautiful, skimpily dressed women gyrating on poles, techno music with bass loud enough to render even the sturdiest of structures to dust. Though assuredly similar to any given strip club on a Saturday night, IGN are actually describing many of Juiced 2: Hot Import Nights' lobby screens.

It was hard not to sit and stare at them for hours..

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SuperSaiyan43849d ago

And it was absolutly CACK! Do NOT buy this game! Need For Speed over this junk anyday!

achira3849d ago

cant say something about this game. but this site is a joke ? yesterday MGS4 had over 31000 hype points, now it has 30800. who manipulates that ? whats sense has this if the values get manipulated ? its a joke seriously. (the same was with killzone 2 it had over 31000 now under 30000). but halo3 is an exception, it gets 3000 from nowehere ??? this site is a joke. only nice if you want to read the newest rumours without sense.

MK_Red3849d ago

I haven't played the demo be the graphics look identical to NFS:Underground on PS2 and gameplay seems very similair to that game. Shouldn't underground racing games try news things? Even NFS has left that old setting.

djt233849d ago

i never play the demo but i do like import scene also i keep on hear that game have one of best online feature like pinks race, head to head and more.
and they have the people form hot import night that got to be good

zerolinkgannon3849d ago

The only Juice that I like is the ones you drink. This game will easily get left in the dust by the big boys!

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