GameSpot: Heavenly Sword Updated Hands-On

As one of the first PlayStation 3 games to catch people's eyes, way back at E3 2006, Heavenly Sword drew obvious comparisons to God of War, Sony's hugely popular action adventure franchise. The recent release of the Heavenly Sword demo on the PlayStation Network allowed everyone to see precisely how different the franchises were from each other. The demo itself was well received, although a bit short, but GameSpot has recently been lucky enough to get their hands on an extended build of the game featuring an entire chapter of gameplay.

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Maldread3994d ago

Hope they manage to smooth out that framerate though, because an unstable framerate can kill a game one-handed.

WVmetal3994d ago (Edited 3994d ago )

I'm really on the fence about this game. I have it pre-ordered but I'm going to wait for the reviews before I fully commit. I downloaded the demo and after playing I still haven't got used to not having a jump button. The story does look incredible though.


with a jump button, imagine the combo's you would be able to pull of then.

The game is still good though! The Hack and slash elements are really addictive, because of the many ways you can dispatch enemies. when I finally got the hang of air combos, I was like man, there aren't enuff guys to kill, and then when you get to the second part of the demo, the guys down there dodge all of your attempts to air juggle the bastards.

Fun game

icechai3993d ago

really though, think about all of the action games with the jump button. What else is it really used for besides platforming? In battle you use it to go into a attack on occassion, its really not that useful when you think back on all those hours of GOW or any other action games. Did anyone miss the jump button when they were hacking away as Link in Twilight Princess? I rest my case :P