Haze Hype - Day 1: Halo 3's Competitor Is Not Unproven

It's being said that the game doesn't deserve hype or to be compared to Halo 3 because no one heard of "Haze". If this was Stranglehold we were talking about, I would readily agree. The IP is unproven because it's based on licenced property (viz., Hard Boiled) and it's aiming to do something very ambitious. But unlike Tiger Hill, Free Radical has been around for a very long time. A lot of people tend to forget that Free Radical were the original designers of the first-person shooter that radically changed the console gaming industry – I'm talking about GoldenEye for the N64.

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THC CELL4064d ago

GoldenEye for the N64.Was the Best Fps ever

Crazyglues4063d ago (Edited 4063d ago )

I could not agree more, best dam FPS there ever was...

When I first touched the controls and felt that feed back from the rumble I was in video game heaven. Played it day and night.

I had no idea the people who made that game made Haze, and that my friend just made HAZE a must buy for me.

krackchap4064d ago

free radical dont need to prove anything
mark my words
The best fps of the year is either going to be HAZE or Bioshock,not something called gaylo.
oh and xbots before you start disagreeing with me remember that both bioshock and haze will be avb for the 360.

nobizlikesnowbiz4063d ago

Too bad your pathetic insults won't change sales figures. No matter how much you hate it.

For the record. It's not called Gaylo. It's called Halo 3.

You idiot remarks only make you look like more of a fool.

THC CELL4064d ago


Dont get me wrong with halo i played it for a Solid year it was a Great multilayer. when i played Halo 3 it got boring FAST (i think people will get a buzz killing Noobs to this Game, Best realize u have been playing halo for 2 years first. New comers to this game U are going to have to learn Fast. it will only take old Halo Players to get used to the maps and its your ass,). guys it felt like Halo 2 that is why people call it halo 2.5 There is Nothing new but a story on a few Old And new weapons Maybe modded from old and New Transport etc Nothing special really. Haze is a Fresh start to my Fps.

Bioshock and Haze and Killzone Will be Class games
Fools who play halo 3 i hope u realize u will be Missing a LOT

solidt124063d ago (Edited 4063d ago )

Halo 3 is more of the same great shooter and doesn't bring anything new except the ability to shoot a turrent in third person and a bubble shield. People are more excited by new IP's like HAZE, and look at Killzone 2. It is much improved since the first one which I thought sucked but Killzone 2 will have people trading in there 360's next year. There are a ton of fresh ideas coming out of Sony camp and a ton of new games. And Unreal III will have mouse and keyboard support with cross platform play with the PC and you can play user created maps. Man the PS3 is on par with High End PC's.

nobizlikesnowbiz4063d ago

Wow. You kids really need to learn that Halo is a great game. You hate it for ridiculous reasons.

Halo 3 plays more like Halo CE IMO.

Did you miss the whole Forge map editor news? Halo 3 doesn't bring anything new to the table?

What exactly does Haze bring, that tops Halo 3 in any way/shape/form?

Multiplayer madness, sharing files, character customization, along with the infinite amount of gamemodes to be played.

InMyOpinion4064d ago (Edited 4063d ago )

Look at the fear in those comments =)

I guess you all have played Halo 3, huh?

@below - I don't know what it will be like. MAybe it will suck, who knows? One things for sure, I'm gonna wait with my judgement until I've played the FINAL version. Bungie are'nt known to disappoint.

THC CELL4064d ago

Mate i think u Fear this Article is True.

Vertius4063d ago

Many would have played Halo 3, as part of the Halo 3 Beta.

power of Green 4064d ago

Isn't Haze about some sort of drugs you take to make the Charactor feel like GOD?, ohhhh well i don't really care anyways, Haze who?. I seen Halo 3 and took a glance at who's riding the Halo train this time, its a hell of a way to hype and draw attention to Haze though got to give them that.

I'm sure once Haze has Iconic history behind it, it will draw a fanbase; that is if its remembered after games like BioShock Huxely etc come out.

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