Microsoft viral 'Site of Champions' also has a Blog Site

The recently unearthed 'Site of Champions' which seems to be Microsoft viral marketing for an as yet un-named event occurring on August 22nd also reveals a 'Blog' site for the video star of the site. has uncovered a Blog site by 'Borgman Arlo Ellis & Son' the name which appears on the winners trophy at the original viral website. Quite how this all hangs together and what it promotes is as yet unknown but we're on the case and will keep you posted!

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ShiftyLookingCow4057d ago (Edited 4057d ago )

"Update #2:
Reading through the blog also reveals a link to a weird 'alien' forum site here"

HAHAHA, Wow I didn't know Jews came from outer space. No wonder they are hated so much.

[edit] Check out the front page, the aliens are very curious about Middle East affairs, and they seem to hold a dislike for "British Academics", to be more precise:
"Because of racist decisions by the academic people in your country against Israel, you are not welcome at web site. Please Leave!"