Haze Hype - Day 2: More Story And Gameplay Than You Were Expecting

Haze is more than just a game that puts players in a position to gulp down Nectar and blow things up. There's a heavy story surrounding the game and some bevy characters to round out the experience. The boys and girls at Free Radical wanted gamers to know that there's more to Haze than meets the eye – and far more story and gameplay depth than you might expect from a new IP. So for Day 2 of our Haze Hype we're going to focus on some information that Free Radical thought you, the readers, might want to be informed about, given its over-shadowing at this year's (farcical) E3 business and media summit (i.e., The organizers need to be fired).

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otherZinc4028d ago (Edited 4028d ago )

I hope these clowns dont make people hate this game before its in stores (dat 2 of HAZE hype, ?).

Let the game hype itself as the 1st HALO did.