Splinter Cell: Conviction Preview

Gameplayer previews Splinter Cell: Conviction and interviews Producer and Technical Director, Dany Lepage.

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deepio3997d ago

Wow, no comments on this posting? Especially when there's such a major flame war comment in that article!!

Anyway, looks like Conviction is shaping up nicely, can't wait for this one!

ShiftyLookingCow3997d ago

yeah after seeing Bourne Ultimatum, I am so looking forward to this

ion6663997d ago

i think splinter cell should use the cell processor it only makes sense

deepio3997d ago

ion666, I take it you didn't read the article?

FeralPhoenix3997d ago

SC: Conviction has been pretty quiet lately, this was an interesting read indeed, although I was surprised about a couple comments near the end, sounds like the usual stuff dev's say when they make an exclusive game, maybe some truth to it but I usually believe its more "hype" than substance to sell the fanbase your game. Overall it was a good read and I'm very interested to see some new screenshots/gameplay.

EDF 20173997d ago

Quote from article: "So, Conviction is confirmed for PC and Xbox 360. But what about the other consoles? Double Agent was a 360 exclusive for a whole week. On this issue, Danny could give us a firm answer. “It’s NEVER gonna come out on the PS3 or the Wii.” It’s a logical decision. Nintendo’s console simply doesn’t have the graphical horsepower, and he candidly told us how the PS3 can’t handle AI nearly as well as the 360."

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