Best Buy: $60 Rock Band Listing Was A Mistake

The only thing experiencing more debate than the song list for Rock Band is the price tag. As GWN reported earlier, Amazon had listed it as $199.99. EA has said any figures listed by retailers are pure speculation.

Best Buy was taking pre-orders it said would include all the game's accessories including the drum, guitar and microphone attachments for $60.

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sa_nick4025d ago

Anyone who thought they could actually get the whole pack for 60 bucks is stupid.

ddldave4025d ago

no thanks, 200 dollars = no thanks. i'm gona get guitar hero 3 which is better and is cheaper.

i already bought a ps3 60gb = 600 dollars, another controller = 650 dollars, 3 games when i first bought my ps3 = 830, and bluetooth headset = 860 dollars, 720p/1080i television = 2160, 2300 for everything now. so NO THAANKS.

sa_nick4025d ago

GH 3 certainly is cheaper, but as far as what's best goes... well, ya get what ya pay for.

alexander22rednaxela4025d ago

Why can`T they just announce the price, is it sooooo expensive it has to be a secret?

Greysturm4025d ago

Rockband has yet to prove itself superior so we cant say we pay what we get for since havent gotten anything yet.

timmyp534025d ago

how are you gonna get all of rockband accessories for that cheap