Confirmed: Some Xbox 360's include Top Spin 2 not Table Tennis

A member of the MaxConsole forums let us know that the Xbox 360 he purchased from Best Buy yesterday came bundled with Top Spin 2 and not Rockstar's Table Tennis. An employee at Best Buy commented that the systems were just released yesterday and there could be multiple bundles going out to retailers...

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alexander22rednaxela3943d ago

They probably see the effect the wii bundle and ps3 bundles have, though if I worked at MS I would rather boundle the console with a demo pack.

ReBurn3943d ago

I think including a full game is more effective than a demo disc, especially when demos are so readily available online. If it were me I would have picked something better than Table Tennis or Top Spin 2. That doesn't seem like a lot of incentive to me.

ion6663943d ago

dont even think your getting away with this one ms.this must be an early april fools joke.why not gears or that crap game halo 2 i know its a xbox 1 game but hey who cares.every one who has a xbox need not apply this bundle is for r-tards