Who Needs Multiple Systems?

Why waste precious space in your entertainment center with two consoles when you can combine them into one? That's exactly what FC Twin did with an NES and SNES combo system.

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Ignorant Fanboy4065d ago

Not alot of hardware in there.

Combine a PS3 and a 360, that reads BD and HD-DVD. THen you got something going.

drunkpandas4065d ago

I wouldn't say it NEEDS HD-DVD. There's nothing on the Xbox 360 that makes it a requirement.

aiphanes4064d ago

Just think...they even tried before HD-DVD and bluray came out last year to combine the tech of both into one format...

taz80804065d ago

This thing is awesome! I regret getting rid of my old systems, this is a great way to get two of them back. I wonder if anyone can meld other consoles together, maybe a Dreamcast with something?

drunkpandas4065d ago

How about a crazy Sega Monster Console? Genesis, Sega CD, 32X, Dreamcast all wrapped into one.

fiercescuba4064d ago

I want an Atari Jaguar/2600 combo. That would rule.

s8anicslayer4064d ago

i would like with the n64 dreamcast and ps1

toughNAME4064d ago

ps3's silence...360's games...wii's cheapnesss...360's live service..and controller

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The story is too old to be commented.