Microsoft Viral Website 'Site of Champions' Drops Contest Hints

A mysterious new viral Website from Microsoft has appeared, perhaps alluding to some sort of Xbox-related online competition. The Site of Champions greets visitors with a locked door bearing a symbol. A passcode will gain you entry to the site (try 82207), where you'll find a living room with various objects to click on. The same symbol from the door (which looks vaguely like an "H") is featured prominently in the lower left-hand corner.

As you move about the site, you'll see the numbers 082207 recurring. August 22, 2007 is a Wednesday, which is when Microsoft always releases new Xbox Live Arcade games. That date also happens to fall smack in the middle of the Leipzig Games Convention.

So just what is Microsoft planning to unveil on Aug. 22? Let the speculation begin.

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Tackle9904023d ago

lol, I love mystery sites like this but I'm terrible at figuring out stuff thats hidden on the site...

Hopefully it'll be something really worth putting up a website for and not just some XBL arcade game announcement.

Systematrix4023d ago

Don't hype it up like this unless it's something good. I don't care if they bring Gin Rummy to XBL Arcade.