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Well its not just the PS3 that dropped this week, its all the consoles except for the mighty PS2 which picked up a little. It's starting look like Nintendo may need to release some new colors for Wii, or perhaps some new hit software.

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xaphanze4029d ago

glad ps3 is still selling well.It was nice seeing the sales doubling with the release of only one good exclusive.Lets see what the other exclusives can do.

madness4029d ago

poor MS trying to play with the big boys in Japan

nasim4029d ago

that defective x360 costs 250$ in japan and still no one likes it.

Japanese cannot be foooled with defective console purchase

Razzy4028d ago (Edited 4028d ago )

Xbots disagreeing with you Nasim believe that the Japanese can be fooled with defective console purchases I guess LOL

DrPirate4029d ago

Goddam, how is it possible the PS2 is still selling strong. I just don't get it.................

I love my PS2 to death, have 110+ titles but what took some people so long?

DrWan4029d ago

People who bought the Xbox and the GC last generation, they do not feel they need to move on to the next gen or do not have the HD TV or money to do so buys the PS2.


Well, the PS2 is the only system that still has games coming out, Persona 3 just came out, Twisted Metal is coming out soon, Sports game annualy will continue at least till 2009.

Games are cheap now too, i found so many games 10 bucks

nasim4029d ago

it murders x360 in JAPAN ,EU and NA

ps3 also murders x360 in NA,JAPAN and EU

Maddens Raiders4029d ago

don't say that too loud. They'll come running in jackjawing about Halo3 and how the PS3 is doomed.

I once said not too long ago that the PS3 is a baby Mafia Don. Hell, the PS2 is the fkn Godfather himself.

Robotz Rule4029d ago (Edited 4029d ago )

+Bubble+ for your great comment(and presentation;)!

And yeah,shhh don't let the Xbots here you......




hikikimori4029d ago

360 is all but over in Japan, thats god news for me (ps3 owner) as I love Japanese games/art.

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The story is too old to be commented.