Fatal1ty, America's most famous "cyber-athlete"

In the world of competitive video gaming, Johnathan "Fatal1ty" Wendell could be considered Tiger Woods or Michael Jordan.

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Lord Anubis3994d ago

I thought he was let go after he lost a match in unreal.

s8anicslayer3994d ago

now here's a guy who takes his job a little too seriously!

Bnet3433994d ago

You are on a gaming forum ... maybe you're taking your hobby a little too serious?

okcomputer3994d ago

I think with the amount of press he gets fatality is a great "ambassador" for gaming. He's talented as hell, dedicated to his skill, but still has a life outside of gaming and comes off as a gracious, humble winner. Not a hint of ego or arrogance about him. If more console gamers were like him xboxlive/psn would be much better places to play.

TheWiseguy3994d ago

I was in one of his Quake 3 clans with him.

pLaystation3994d ago

ill pwn this kid..

michael jordan of video games?.... f*cken media takes every little thing and blows it out of proportion

Rooted_Dust3994d ago

When was the last time you made $100,000 a year in tournament prize money?

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The story is too old to be commented.