Halo 2 & The Virginia Tech Massacre (What They Mean To Me)

William of Gaming Today has written a piece on how his personal experience of the Virginia Tech Massacre has affected him.
"I wrote an article back on April 19 titled 'Did The Virginia Tech Murders Rob Me For My Love Of Halo?' This was back when I was writing for a much smaller site. Halo has always been one of my favorite games and a great way for me to catch up with friends and avoid the stress of the real world. A couple days after the shootings here in Blacksburg, Virginia on April 16th, I finally got a chance to take a little break and decided to fire up the Xbox and play a little Halo. Within maybe 10 seconds of my first and only match that day, the feeling of complete and total fear overcame me as people were coming at me with SMGs. Keep in mind that I am an honorably discharged combat veteran. I guess that perhaps I was prepared for war, but not for this. I instantly shut off the console and was freaked out a little bit. I started to wonder if I would ever play a violent game again."

"Since that time, I have slowly gotten back into FPS and violent games, but I cannot lie and say that the sound of gunfire does not bring back some memories. I will never forget the gunshots I heard that terrible morning and the images of that day are permanently burned in my mind."

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alexander22rednaxela4026d ago

Seems like the guy is suffering the ghosts of Post-traumatic-stress-disorder (PTSD) He should use halo to owercome his fear before his fear owercomes him.

Rooted_Dust4026d ago

What is the author's proximity to the tragedy? I hope that he can rid himself of his fears. If VT has taught us anything it is that the people that tell us that we cannot or should not protect ourselves at times can not or will not defend us. We should all start taking our own personal protection more seriously. No one is more responsible for protecting your life than you.

InMyOpinion4026d ago

The kid responsible for the massacre was autistic and should have gotten help. I hate the way media portrayed him like some kind of monster. They should put more funding into psychology in school (both teaching and treatment), that way more people would be aware of signals when something isn't right. Maybe a law that stops anyone from getting hold of guns would be good too.