Microsoft ditching the Xbox 360 Core Pack?

News has been circulating that Microsoft is phasing out their Xbox 360 Core System in favor of ones with HDMI support, or perhaps simply getting rid of the model altogether.

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paracardium3994d ago

Isn't this why it's selling so well on atm?People have no idea what's happening or am I wrong?

ktchong3994d ago

The number-one selling video game merchandise at Amazon is the Xbox Premium with the 20GB hard drive, not the Core.

getrdone3994d ago

Amazon lower the price again because that want the xbox 360 premium with the HDMI

rareairtone3994d ago

I don't like the heavily biased site this information came from. His analysis wasn't needed and indeed unnecessary

Odion3994d ago

people don't care either

Ignorant Fanboy3994d ago

Because nobody cares.

Is the PS3 even in the top 5??

xaphanze3994d ago

I hate when companies add something or take something off a console.It makes me feel like mine is so old ;P.Good thing I'm getting my ps3 in 2 months.

599USD3994d ago

Odion, I hope you know I write that blog. Also the bias in that article is just satire. I don't mean a word of it :p

eLiNeS3994d ago (Edited 3994d ago )

\/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/

Odion3994d ago

then delete the news post, its only going to cause a flamewar

tplarkin73994d ago

A Sony fanboy rant is what it was! Nothing more.

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The story is too old to be commented.