IGN: Piyotama Review

The PlayStation Store is slowly building up its library of interesting and good (or even great) titles to make it stand toe-to-toe with its competitors. While a significant portion of the original content thus far has lived in the realm of the puzzle genre, when you find games like Piyotama on there, you'll find that that's not such bad thing. And considering that you can pick up said fun and hectic little egg matcher for only $2.99, it's a game that's simply hard to pass up.

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thereapersson3937d ago

I had never even heard of this game until yesterday, so it's a pleasant surprise to see IGN give this a decent score (even moreso because it's only 2.99). Looks like i'll give it a try!

s8anicslayer3937d ago

oh!i forgot about the update

Clinton5143937d ago

For $2.99($3.99cdn) it's a great deal. It's a pretty challenging game.

PStriple7033937d ago

let me go buy it then it's only 2.99

bootsielon3937d ago

In third world countries. lol

Sad, but true. :(

rushbd3937d ago

2.99 $ = 210 taka in Bangladesh

that means Chicken or Beef( 2 pieces ) 2*50 = 100
Rice ( 2 plates ) 2*20 = 40
Fish (1 piece ) 1*50 = 50
Cold Drinks( Cocacola/pepsi)1*15 = 15
----------------------------- -------------------------
Total= 205 taka

smoke a Benson for 4 taka
and you still have 1 taka left.
buy a toffee if you have to!! fgs !! :p
You see . That is a very good launch. We dont eat that much. :P
But we get raped over electronics appliances prices

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The story is too old to be commented.