Linux-powered PS3 helps pilot autonomous SUV

A private R&D company in San Diego, Calif., has definitely proven the "Repo Man" axiom that "the more you drive, the less intelligent you are." Axion Racing is using a Sony PS3 running Linux in an autonomous vehicle said to have driven Colorado's Pikes Peak.

Axion Racing's "Spirit" UAV (unmanned, autonomous vehicle) is built on a 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee. The vehicle's cargo area appears to be stuffed full of power-hungry Dell servers, along with "SICK laser finders, Bumblebee stereo cameras, and FLIR infrared cameras all guided by twin Navcom Starfire GPS units," the company said. Another component is a Northrop Grumnan LN-270 INS, said to use the earth's inertia "to help keep Spirit on track during any GPS multitasking issues."

To its existing collection of equipment, Axion added a Sony PS3 running Yellow Dog's PS3 Linux implementation. The PS3 also runs software said to "quickly examine information from a RGB road finding camera."

As a 35-member company, Axion is proud to have qualified fifth at the 2005 DARPA challenge, where it was among only five teams to complete all runs, it said. Subsequently, the team decided to add a Sony Playstation3 to the mix.

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power of Green 4023d ago

I find it funny how theres so many PS3 saves the world, PS3 improves sex life, PS3 ends world hunger, PS3 acts as friend to fanboys. PS3 used as greatest weapom on war on terror. PS3 PS3 PS3 PS3 PS3 PS3 PS3 PS3 PS3. lol

Daxx4022d ago

I bet it can walk the dog but I want games instead.

nasim4022d ago

x360 can only burn down in 2 minutes after purchase.

no one wants an x360 and a defective XENON unlike you BOT

Maddens Raiders4022d ago (Edited 4022d ago )

I know it hurts that you can see the writing on the wall all along knowing that if this truck was powered by a 360 (never gonna happen) it would blow the engine and explode into a terrific thunderous fireball killing the drivers, cameramen, innocent bystanders, and wildlife.

The worst part of all is that the MS race team would force the vehicle to be smaller than a Grand Cherokee from the beginning; therefore losing onboard management computers and fire extinguishers, of course th rationale being: "what are you going to do with all of that storage?"

...And then after the whole thing goes kaput...the families of the deceased would hear: "well folks, sorry, but...ya know....things break..."...ok nothing to see here, this is not our fault....

I know it's boring as hell guys, but really...stick to the XBox threads, because you just make desperate asses of yourselves when you tread on foreign turf. POG and Odion, Daxx,etc, etc.., et al.... the whole miserable lot pray to PS3 gods at's so cute....they just can't get enough...I love it!

Real Gambler4022d ago

Had a good laugh... Hitting all the nails one after the other. Nothing else to say except maybe the good old joke: "If Microsoft made cars... but everybody knows it already.

macalatus4022d ago

Hey, POG, I got a question for you: Why are you in a PS3 room anyway? Let me MS fanboys ran out of or couldn't find a decent 'feel good' Xbox 360 story to post on Hey, that would perfectly explain why you guys are complaining why every 360 news are bad and that we "Fony fanboys" are running the show here.

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ghettocheeze4023d ago

Judgment Day is coming!!!

Bathyj4022d ago

PS3 becomes self aware when Killzone 2 is released.

macalatus4022d ago

Seriously, some creative genius should make a YouTube PS3 spoof of the Terminator. It should have Bill Gates (the actual person, not the n4g user) lobbying California Gov. Schwarzzeneger to stop all shipments of PS3 to California. The plan fails, the PS3-based Cell systems become self-aware, and first starts deleting all the accounts of all known MS fanboys in The rest is...history!!

(Insert Terminator theme here)

Daz4023d ago

MY ps3 is the microwave and my 360 is the heat lol

ironwolf4022d ago

How many more times? Three? Four? I guess its better than game delay announcements.

Armyless4022d ago

Look it up. Interesting that they would add a PS3 running Linux... does the OS really tap the Cell's SPEs?

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