Angry German Kid (Puppet Ver.) CrimsonTears

This is just the funniest thing I've seen all day, Poor kid is trying to play some Unreal tournament and is having a little bit of a problem with waiting for it to load.

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Chobits3994d ago (Edited 3994d ago )

dam everytime i hear that kid on the vid i laugh till tears come from my eye nice i like the chad warden version better tho

lol CggiI

risk3994d ago

even after 5 years of watching this guy it is still freaky to this day.

Premonition3994d ago

LOL man that cracked me up LOL!!!!

Armyless3994d ago

He's my favorite kind of target... and one I'll pursue relentlessly.

s8anicslayer3994d ago

lol! i need to go change my pants

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