Faked Gran Turismo 5 video on Kotaku?

Earlier today, the popular game blog, Kotaku, ruffled the feathers of racing fans anticipating Sony’s launch of the latest iteration of the best selling racing simulation Gran Turismo 5 for the Playstation 3 console. The video appears to show exorbitantly long load times while the game loads a specific track.

Kotaku titled the video “Video Shows Gran Turismo 5 Has Painfully Slow Load Times” and goes on to comment “With a couple months left and GT developer Polyphony Digital still hard at work, there is hope that these horribly long load times can be significantly reduced. ”

However, eagle eyed visitors to the site have noticed a few peculiarities in the video. The most obvious is the slo-mo speeds that reflections of visitors at the event appear to be moving at during certain points in the video. The second is previous footage of the same level loading that show a dramatic difference in loading time.

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LtSkittles2565d ago (Edited 2565d ago )

Posted by Brian Ashcraft.

Lmao this guy is a fanboy.

Watch the bonus round from E3.

Oh wait that Crecente but still.

Baka-akaB2565d ago (Edited 2565d ago )

or Trolltaku

fishd2565d ago

Kotaku actually slowed down a GT5 video and then wrote an article based on it and complained about the long loading time?!

Are you fukcing sh1tting me?!!!

What the hell,I mean WHAT THE HELL MAN

^^My first comment about this 'incident'

rroded2565d ago

n i dont see the original vid posted anywheres (Im french btw) did a quick brows thru the forums even still nada. Sites a gt fans paradise seriously guys are hardcore n love the game doubt the kotuki vid came from em doctored.

if we can find the original undoctored it prove em ta be scum well beyond a resonable doubt. that is if the video even exist on the site

yways have a look if your inclined use a translator if ya need 2 :)

SilentNegotiator2565d ago

I say this is plenty of reason to ban Kotaku from N4G.
Pitiful site.

Biggunz2565d ago

craptaku should be SUED!

rockleex2565d ago (Edited 2565d ago )

Lag exists in the real world too, you know?

Those people walking around that start to slow down all of a sudden are just suffering from bad internet connections with The Matrix.

Oh, btw. I am Neo.

PS: Sony could and SHOULD sue Kotaku for libel.

sikbeta2565d ago (Edited 2565d ago )


Their lame a$$ attempt to downplay this Masterpiece didn't work out, sorry, gamers know about the Quality of the GT series, and GT5 will not be the exception, try harder tooltaku

GT5 FTW!!!

Foliage2565d ago (Edited 2565d ago )

Everyone who was foolish to sign up for a Kotaku account should spam their articles with links to this:

Heck, post it on every site you read. These guys are obvious morons. To think, there are probably still xbox fanatics who still think sites like Kotaku aren't out to smear the PS3.... riiight.

Their users are as delusional as those found on Destructoid or vgchartz. The triple jokes of the internet.


Will people FINALLY stop taking Kotaku as a legit website now? I mean, how many biased, shitty articles do they need to put out before people realize they're utter fanboy shit?

HSx92565d ago

read the annotations, the guy said the video was slowed down.

Game13a13y2565d ago

Where's MS d*ck? i wanna suck on it hard taku

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Anon19742565d ago (Edited 2565d ago )

I don't know if the video is legitimately slowed down or it's just a disk with a smudge on it, but watch the two videos. One loads in about 25 seconds, Kotaku's link shows something over a minute - and the video is nowhere to be seen on the site that Kotaku claims to have got the video from.

Then watch Kotaku run with the bad news. Oh, it's painfully slow. Let's hope these horrible load times will improve before release. GTFO.

morganfell2565d ago (Edited 2565d ago )

Run the two videos together and watch how much faster the text scrolls on the top of the screen on the bottom video.

Several of us have warned people about Kotaku who have hated Sony since the Home incident. Call it a ridiculous conspiracy theory if you like but facts are stubborn things. The video is doctored.

EDIT: Disagrees from blind people. I guess these morons also think that light travels that slow as well.

Look at those slow motion camera flashes.

Not only is the video doctored but it was doctored by imbeciles and then posted up on Kotaku by an absolute idiot. This type of jackassery should get Kotaku blacklisted - something Sony should have followed through on years ago.

Parapraxis2565d ago (Edited 2565d ago )

All anybody needs to do is watch the in-game clock.
...try comparing it to the real-time playback time.

The vid is almost running at half speed.

Christopher2565d ago

***hated Sony since the Home incident.***

Home incident?

morganfell2565d ago (Edited 2565d ago )

Before Home was announced Kotaku discovered evidence of Home's existence. Sony asked Kotaku not to release the story because Sony had a large presser planned with a great deal of money committed. Kotaku said no, "It's news and the people have a right to know."

Sony threatened at that point to blacklist Kotaku even sending a letter. Kotaku responded angrily. In the end Sony did not follow through...but Kotaku never forgot this. They have taken every opportunity to downplay Sony positive news and play up any hint of negativity about Sony products.

Kotaku is an site run by a blithering idiot. Had they simply complied Sony would have made the world their oyster. It's amazing jerkwads like Crecente have been in his job as long as he has yet does not possess the slightest inkling of how business relations actually function.

blackbeld2565d ago


Very nice. I couldn't say it better. After Home incident they really start to be more like 360fanboys. Thnx for the update! Bubbles+ for you mate.

ThanatosDMC2565d ago

They've been pro 360 even before the Home incident and they bashed the hell out of the PS3 for a long time and not to mention most of the people that frequent their site are pro 360 gamers.

e-ray2565d ago

the guys in the reflection are walking around like zombies without a lead on brains.


kerrak2565d ago

After a long time here at n4g, i am very used to read very quickly the news. I just needed something like 3 sec reading the news title and with just "gt5" "painfully" and "horribly" my brain quickly responded "fanboy" "bias" and "false".

I suppose it's the same for the majority of you.

It's been a long time since Kotaku lost their last inch of credibility. Now with this incident they are a laughable source.

DJnal052565d ago

i will never believe kotaku again!!

morganfell2565d ago Show
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2565d ago
nickjkl2565d ago

so does this mean kotaku lost all or most of its credibility as a video game website