Halo 3 First-Hand Preview + New Bungie Interview

So, Halo 3. It's supposedly going to be the game of the year, and shouldn't have too much problem being the best selling, that with Grand Theft Auto IV being put back to next year...

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Bloodmask3994d ago (Edited 3994d ago )

game gets me more and more excited. Halo 2 was the most fun I have ever had in an online game. The party system is truly one of a kind.

One of the best things is how Bungie has stated that they are bringing the series back to it's roots. Refering to Halo 1.

I can't wait to play against you all come September 25th.

T-Virus3994d ago

Sorry to be nitpicky here, but it now makes no sence. "What with" was the correct way.

Lakuspakus3994d ago

Multiplayer is going to be totally awesome!

ParaDise_LosT3994d ago

What will you have your arbiter do?

Dr Pepper3994d ago

There was no auto-aim in the previous Halo games, right? So why is it in this one?

"And also, honestly, on a console with auto-aim and these sticks, sixty frames per seconds becomes a little nauseating for some people."

Daxx3994d ago (Edited 3994d ago )

Auto aim is for wusses. But I think they'll only have that option on nonranked matches and campaign...hopefully because I sure as hell don't want to get owned by some kid that thinks he's hot sh*t because he uses auto aim.

cookiemonster3994d ago

there was autoaim in the previous ones. it's just so subtle that you don't notice it.

halo was one of the very few games to really polish it.

But I agree with them not making it 60fps. Added motion + colorful sh*t blowing up the face would make things a little nauseating. Marathon anyone?

giovonni3994d ago

It all depends on the action really. I think auto aim is great for games with multi enemies on the screen. You never know what may be going on in this game. It might be a fast paced shooter, much faster then both series thats why they added the auto aim. Time will reveal though.

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The story is too old to be commented.