IncGamers: Playstation Move Hands-on Preview

IncGamers recently went hands-on with Playstation Move and tested out titles such as Kung Fu Rider, Sports Champion, Heavy Rain and The Fight. In the article IncGamers' James Chalmers gives his impressions of Move so far.

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jack_burt0n2870d ago

"So after trying out some of the games and getting to grips with the Move controller for the first time am I finally sold? In a word yes."

zootang2869d ago

Has the Wii got a camera and tracks in 3d? Wow!

colonel1792869d ago

I smell a nintendo fanboy.... wait... that's new..


I smell a multiple new account from an old Troll in N4G.

joypads2869d ago

1 month is too long,why do they always make us wait so long ?

{Microsoft is doing and pushing out the same shovelware that we have seen from the Nintendo Wii}. so true but far inferior to Wii's shovelware. LOL

Jack Klugman2869d ago ShowReplies(2)
wintendowin2869d ago Show
JoeReno2869d ago

But I still dont know what launch games get. what are you guys thinking about getting?

wintendowin2869d ago ShowReplies(1)
Ivan Drago IV2869d ago

I'm getting start the party and sports champions day 1, then The Fight and Time Crisis in October when they come out

JoeReno2869d ago

Is a given for me as I own all of the past games. I do enjoy me some table tennis, so maybe I will pick up sports champs. I was thinking about the shoot, but thats not Oct aswell.

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