DS Emulation on PSP

Japanese homebrew developer SofiyaCat has ported the Nintendo DS emulator DeSmuME to PSP. It's extremely slow, so don't expect it to run anything well, but it does prove DS emulation is possible on the PSP.

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MK_Red3874d ago

Wow, talk about all the wrong/strange things. First Wii on 360 and now this. Whats next? PS3 emulation for DS?

Shaka2K63874d ago

Hows the DS Emulation coming along on PC eh any good yet. not like theres any games worth playing on n-ds but i like to see hows Children of Mana.

StateOfRhodeisland3874d ago

wow i wonder how the DS community is going to react to this. heh ehe
well f'it if i can get that on my psp shoot i will. ima keep my fat psp for the homebrews and all and then grabb the slim PSP when it hit the shelves for top ganes like Final Fantasy: CC GoW and other big titles for the psp. Anyone else thinking about doing that? right now i have my psp downgraded to 1.50 so that i can play all the nintendo, Super Nintendo, Gameboy and Genesis roms. its sweet. shoot im trying to beat Final Fantasy III from the Super nintendo. It works lovely. i luv it
leave ya thoughts

StateOfRhodeisland3874d ago

u can play wii on Xbox? lols thats really messed up. i never heard bout that...then again i dont own an xbox360 so i guess i wouldnt know huh? but when did that happen? someone fill me in :)

Bill Gates3874d ago

PSP = One of the most versatile little gadgets ever created.

Unlike the 360. That's just a piece of crap....AAAHAAAHHAHAA

Come on XBOTS, you didn't think I'd forget about you robots...AAHAHA

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The story is too old to be commented.