Top 5 Reasons Why You Will Want To Play BioShock

Bioshock, the long awaited sequel to System Shock 2, is within our reach. By August 21st, CB will finally be able to visit the city of Rapture, an underwater world that would have been a utopia if genetic alteration hadn't become the in-thing for the season. Here is CB's list of why this won't be just another FPS to get dusty in your game collection.

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Bloodmask4062d ago

that story was put at the number one spot. This is the most important part of Bioshock to me.

It is probably full of suspense. The last time I played a game where I felt that was Condemned at launch.

Bioshock is bring something totally fresh by molding FPS and survival/horror.

With the rave reviews I am expecting something really exceptional.

hazeblaze4062d ago

Yea, I'm looking forward to this game b/c the gameplay and story elements seem so good. But I'm really not impressed by the graphics and art design.... it has a weird 60's look to it... like a 60's version of the future. Still, I think it'll be a fun game.

Dr Pepper4062d ago

That game has a strange (late) 40's look to it because that is the time period in which Rapture (the underwater city) was built.

TheWiseguy4062d ago

these "5 reasons" stories.

ShiftyLookingCow4062d ago

its almost annoying to read "5 reason" for this and then that

Xbox 360 Will4062d ago

addition to the already great and expanding PS3 library.

ShiftyLookingCow4062d ago

be careful for the next few days, cause Big Daddy is probably a 360 fanboy and he definitely hates trolls

Xbox 360 Will4062d ago (Edited 4062d ago )

I don't understand why people get so mad. After all the comments PS3 fans endured about MGS4 going to 360 why can't i make a comment about Bioshock coming to PS3. Atleast i'm not dissing the 360 all i'm saying is it will be great to play Bioshock on the PS3. You fanboys are way too emotional.

Xeoset4062d ago

Man, I can't wait to have Lair and Heavenly Sword on the 360 next month, it is so going to own! I sat down with some guy from Factor 5 and he told that these are coming!

Also, he said he'd, like, talk to Kojima, sex him up and then he'd put MGS4 on the 360! AWESOME!

Bill Gates4062d ago

The # 1 reason is because it'll be BETTER on the PS3. Admit it XBOTS....AAAHAHHAHAHA

Dr Pepper4062d ago

Instead of guns for the 5th reason (even though they are extremely customizable) I would have put Plasmids, as those really add to the gameplay, story etc. (and they look really fun to use).

But if there going to use guns, they should at least state because there is incredible depth into how you can customize them (you get 3 different types of ammo for each etc.), not just because there's a lot.

MoonDust4062d ago (Edited 4062d ago )

Nuff said.
BTW: Why you no attack Halo? You no want to? :(

Dr Pepper4062d ago

Why would I attack Halo?

Dr Pepper4062d ago

Because I love it? Because I love Halo? Why would I love such an un-inventive and repetitive game. The series is old and brings nothing new to the genre of FPS games. Bioshock is the future and will crush Halo with its' revolutionary gameplay..., J/K I don't try to put Halo down unless there is some extreme Halo fan not making any sense and I try to show them reality (I just happen to bring up Bioshock sometimes in the process). Do not worry, I will pick up a copy of Halo 3 and spend many hours playing the final part in the trilogy! :)

MoonDust4062d ago

you don't disappoint me Pepper. Just don't, ever! You hear me!

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