Team Fortress 2 gameplay video on Tiscali Games

Czech gaming website Tiscali Games has posted a streaming version of a new Team Fortress 2 gameplay video tonight. The movie shows a couple of maps, first of them 2Fort, alongside handling a bunch of weapons (from the obligatory shotgun to the ultimate chaingun) and also offers a couple of impressions, ranging from the few changes that 2Fort has undergone: roof on the bridge, sniper positions high in the buildings etc. No downloadable version is to be found at this time.

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Bits-N-Kibbles4061d ago

Team Fortress 2 is my main reason to buy it (for PS3), but i dont know how many will be online to play, it looks like tons of fun and I would buy just TF2 by itself on PSN if i could for about $20-$30, but the orange box is a good value for what it offers

FunAndGun4061d ago

the gameplay for TF2 will be awesome. the whole orange box is a must buy for me just because of all it offers.

Barreldragon004061d ago

Looks great. love the orange box 5 games in 1. But the game i'm most excited about it Portal. and for a while i thought that i would never get to play Half Life 2 (comp suxs for gaming cause i have a mac)

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