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Old Grandma Hardcore Getting Owned

For the uninitiated, Old Grandma Hardcore is an old woman who plays videogames-hardcore style. (Old Grandma Harcore is not some sick geriatric porn series, just to make that perfectly clear.) (Culture)
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San anto  +   2446d ago
lol ye ive seen her on resistance fail against the stalker at the end of manchester.
vudu  +   2446d ago
Oh yeah
I remember her playing Oblivion. Classic!
eXplotion  +   2446d ago
i remember her
she owned the crap out of me...
Bloodmask  +   2446d ago
These vids
are hilarious. My favorite is still The Video Game Nerd on Screwattack.com though.
s8anicslayer  +   2446d ago
that it'l be me rockin the ps20 at her age and the xbox 2160
Robotz Rule  +   2446d ago
Here's the hillarious video of her playing Resistance:Fall Of Man!

nomuken  +   2446d ago
Old Grandma Hardcore Getting Owned
The title is so wrong hahahahaha..... lol
PS-Wii-60  +   2446d ago
OMG Potty mouth =)
She talks like a sailor!

Funny thing is, if MY grandma heard me talking like that she'd wash my mouth out with soap ;)

Great vid though,
game on!
ALIEN  +   2446d ago
I think she has a d!@#, instead of a Pu@@&
Daxx  +   2446d ago
She's so funny reminds me of my grandma expect my grandma swore like a sailor and didn't even play a single video game in her life.
Crazyglues  +   2446d ago
Priceless.... LoL just too funny
sumfood4u  +   2446d ago
Hey she get 2 thumbs ups from me!
Since they say Listen to the Elderly for Wisdom, an Gamming sound like wisdom to me!
djt23  +   2446d ago
lol lol i like this video it is funny too me
360Crusader  +   2446d ago
lol Now thats what I'm talking about. Go Granny!
sovietsoldier  +   2446d ago
shes cool!
Marceles  +   2446d ago
lol...the sound effects sounded like she was getting owned


*clank clank, warrior grunts*

"leave me alone!"

*clank clank crunch crunch*

she's a true gamer though :P
Deity01  +   2446d ago
I feel ashamed to be a gamer and say I haven't heard of this before. I mean that is the funniest pissed off old lady I've ever seen.

Whoa, it's like Grandma's Boy, but an angrier grandma!

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