Xbox 360 & Halo 3 Top The Amazon Bestsellers list.

Currently the Xbox 360 is #2 and Halo 3 is #1 on the list. The Wii and PS3 are still in the top 5 with Wii coming in at #3 and PS3 at #4.

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xaphanze3972d ago

I never imagined a 50$ price cut would do that.

XxZxX3972d ago (Edited 3972d ago )

not $50, $50 get them to #5 and then back to #8 but $70 get them to #2, going to be #1 soon because they have the best deal of all.

Xbox 360 Will3972d ago (Edited 3972d ago )

! It'll be more interesting to see how quickly it drops down the list.

MewMew3972d ago

This gaming news report about X-3-RROD-Sixty and [email protected] sucks.

Its all about PS3 and Nintendo Wii!

Ahahaha! *Meeeeeeeooooowwwww!*

mikeslemonade3972d ago

That's after a $70 price drop. If you look it's $329.99. Also this is the only online store where you can get a new legit 360 premium for $329.99, so obviously it's going to be #1.

eLiNeS3972d ago (Edited 3972d ago )

The bestselling new & future releases in Video Games.

Top 4 All Xbox Baby, FTW!!!

nasim3972d ago

However it will go down perhaps tomorrow or day after.

It x360 the least wanted.

i think most people are actually exchaning theirs with new ones.

x360 is sold out NOWHERE and is available in all stores across NA

SorenK3972d ago

it is at the #1 AND #11 spot

the problem is (and always has been with these amazon posts) that we dont know how many each product is selling

any mathematician will tell you that in this instance, ordinal rankings really arent that meaningful

NextGen24Gamer3971d ago

And the Elite is number 8 amd the core is #2 on the biggest movers....WOW.....

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Xeoset3972d ago

Amazing for Microsoft.
Amazing for us.

The more people 'Jumping In', the more Developers follow! Reap the rewards boys.

Also, lol at the Sony Fan reporting! It was ok when they did it with PS3, fcuking hypocrites.

drtysouf213972d ago

I'm a Sony Fan and to some 360 fanboys they call me a Sony Fanboy but i'm the one that posted this so lets keep the gloves above the waste!

Xeoset3972d ago

Lame: (55 minutes ago)
Amazon lists get updated quite frequently.
Reported by: ItsDubC

Yet he didn't complain with the PS3 News on Amazons list. Hypocrite, a prime example.

drtysouf213972d ago (Edited 3972d ago )

Things will be interesting from here on out.

BIadestarX3972d ago

Just like many people expected... Sony's price drop is undermined by Microsoft's price drop.... Let's hope Sony goes nutz.. and drop their prices once more... just so Microsoft can do the same... and us gamers can endup saving lots of money in the process.. come on Sony drop the price! drop the price!... look Microsoft is killing your glory! Go after them... hehe.. I love the console war...

Daewoodrow3972d ago

You know after seeing how immature it was seeing the fanboys shouting and dancing around about the PS3 sales spike, it feels sort or hypocritical for me to jump around about this.
I will say one thing though. At least now we can all accept that any price drop will shift units. And it's asinine to declare the death of a console after one month of good sales from the competition.

Huh. Right. Wishful thinking.