Home may completely replace the XMB

Ps3fanboy have got a few more details on the upcoming release of Home for you today. They aren't the biggest announcements, but they're things that you're absolutely better off knowing. Some of them are disappointing, some of them are ambitious, but all of them deserve mentioning in a fancy bulleted list.

Home is currently capped at 60 people per room, for frame-rate issue reasons. If they can put in our two cents, they recommend a Phantasy Star Universe approach for the rooms -- players, you know what ps3fanboy mean.

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Loudninja4029d ago

Where have they been? They siad this when it was first annoucned.

tplarkin74028d ago

If they could get Home to boot within 5 seconds, it may be desirable to replace the XMB. But I'm sure if they did this, you would have a psuedo XMB interface. You would not have to walk to the "library" to change the settings in your system. Perhaps they have Home in the background and the XMB is translucent?

Expy4029d ago

It won't happen, not everyone is connected to the internet.

However, I could see them giving you an option to boot into it.

hazeblaze4029d ago

Great observation. It really isn't feasible to do when all machines aren't connected. Even in the even that they were all connected, I think it'd be a bad idea.

I'm looking forward to Home but I don't want to HAVE to use it everytime I just want to go into a single player game.

solidt124028d ago (Edited 4028d ago )

I agree too. Good point. It would be like booting all 360's strait into the Live Market Place. It wouldn't make since because around half the users are not connected to the internet. i like the XMB and they keep making it better. It is simple and trait to the point unlike the 360 interface. It is very Similar to a PC desktop and even has cool Wallpapers.

MACHone4028d ago

The whole "not every console is connected 24/7" issue crossed my mind as well, but they could always start you in a private space instead of the Home Square.

I still hope they keep the XMB.

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Anything but Cute4029d ago (Edited 4029d ago )

What else can I say? It could be huge, it's almost like a real MMO Sims. I don't know if it replaces XBOX live but it adds a lot of aspects to social video gaming that XBOX live doesn't have.

Sorry if I'm off topic. But when I think of HOME, that's all I think about and how it's Sony's version of XBOX LIVE

Kleptic4028d ago

I agree in that it will better put the PSN in a league with XBL as far as content, especially with all the user created stuff and sharing abilities that XBL doesn't allow...but I still don't know what to make out of the Myspace/Sims type thing...It might be might be totally dumb...myspace never hooked me, and Sims is imo one of the most boring games I have ever played (finding a job for your character thing? seriously...)

LSDARBY4029d ago

Didnt sony say that everything that can be done in Home can be done via the XMB?

e.g. Launching games with friends, viewing trophies

DethWish4029d ago

That would suck tbh... Would take more time to start network games etc.

GIJeff4028d ago

stop using "IMO" and "TBH"..its like having to solve a puzzle to read a comment. how long does it take to write "in my opinion"?...really?

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The story is too old to be commented.