Windows LIVE Skydrive Beta Open

The Windows LIVE Skydrive Beta is now open to the public and gives users 500 MB of space to store things. Loot Ninja wonders what the full extent of space will be after the Beta?

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taz80804058d ago

Now you have a place to store your Pr0n. =)

ALIEN4058d ago

Can someone explain me what this is?

drunkpandas4058d ago

It's a free online storage space. You can upload files there so you can access from any computer in the world.

boi4058d ago (Edited 4058d ago )

lol your quite slow on the PC side of things...

anyways 500mb free thats good enough, who wants porn, I upload it for you guys lol jks

good stuff that they givin away 500mb still its a beta so I won't put my impotant data on it

taz80804058d ago

Yeah you can think of it as an extra hard drive to dump stuff and share with your friends.

s8anicslayer4058d ago

why does the name have to ryhm

BIadestarX4058d ago

Sounds like SkyDive... hehe...
anyways.... Not game related... but I guess I will not need to open my FTP ports anymore...

taz80804058d ago

who knows why it rhymes, but free space is always good to have

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