New Too Human Screenshots

The latest Too Human screenshots

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Xeoset4027d ago

Holy hell, the third and fifth look amazing!


rubarb234027d ago

This game has alot of potential. i hope silicon knights don't screw it up.

DG4027d ago

Im not a fan yet. But this game does look amazing ill give it that. And from the sound of it by the devs they had more than ample time fix whatever was wrong. When is this coming out again?

Omega Kaze4027d ago

From what I know they just pushed it back to 2008 sometime. Which is good so that I can save up my money for it (presupposing that this game will be good of course..which I think it will 4 player coop, cant go wrong with that)

Dr Pepper4027d ago

Early 2008, I think (unless it gets delayed...AGAIN).

rubarb234027d ago

this game has been delayed like 3 or 4 times. It's typical of silicon knights. In the end, as long as the game comes out right, i could care less about the delays. that's why i'm saying that this game has alot of potential and it would suck if they rush it and screw it up. besides since it's a triology, i don't think they want to f*ck it up on the 1st one.

Kuest4027d ago (Edited 4027d ago )

that this game has massive potential. The screenshots look amazing, the two exclusive IGN demos were impressive, and I wouldn't be the first to say that the main story concept is unhumanly original. I have to ask, though, when can we actually experience Silicon's sure-to-be masterpiece? Considering their track record for delaying games from platform to platform- the likehood of them releasing the game sometime in 2008 is almost non-existent, especially when taking into account the news that Silicon has decided to use a totally different enginge for the game.

Hopefully, when it does come out- it won't be too late.


Oh! I was under the impression that, due to the problems Silicon was having w/ Epic, Too Human was going to be developed using an entirely new Engine. If not, than my concern would be- how will they get control of the UNreal Engine, especially when their relationship between the Engine's creator is hostile (which means no support on how to enhance the game from Epic)

rubarb234027d ago

to my understand. I don't think they're going to drop the engine and start from scratch. but then again, like i said - last i heard they were still using the engine unless they've recently changed it.

PS360PCROCKS4027d ago (Edited 4027d ago )

No they scrapped the Unreal engine a long time ago and built their own...

Consumer site 1UP was able to independently confirm the news of Silicon Knights' decision to drop the engine, although the initial report didn't say exactly why, or name sources. Apparently, Silicon Knights is working on its own engine solution.

BADBOYEK44027d ago

No they are not using the Unreal Engine,This is the Engine that they made.

rubarb234027d ago

this talks about silicon knights going after epic, but pretty much confirms that they are using unreal engine 3

ShiftyLookingCow4027d ago

a very highly modified edition of UE3 according to SK I think

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The story is too old to be commented.