Ramayan MMO coming from Sony

In a bid to find the spark of individuality that could see the creation of the 'next big MMO' phenomenon, Sony Online Entertainment have teamed up with Virgin Comics to create a new MMO based on the Ramayan 3392 AD comic, which takes its inspiration from the ancient Indian poem the Ramayana.

The comic is set in a post-apocalyptic world, where Rama battles with the demon lord Ravan. Rama is the incarnation of god Vishnu. Sony hope by using this rich source material to craft a unique MMO, they can offer a compelling alternative to the myriad of Tolkienesque MMOs presently available.

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Odion4065d ago

l o l, the day SOE makes a good MMO is the day something rare happens.

NOTE- I am not bashing the rest of Sony, SOE on the other hand is a freaking joke and a peice of trash that just scoops up MMO's.

SOE will never make a WoW

Xbox 360 Will4065d ago

he's quick to be the number 1 commenter in all positive PS3 news because he has to reassure himself to believe the nonsense he says. He's also quick to report PS3 Sales news that show the PS3 beating the 360 yet he approves the opposite. I've been watching his fanboy antics from the sidelines for awhile. He'll most likely respond by posting some of my previous comments because he can't admit i'm right. Yes i am a Sony fan but i don't feel the need to downplay ALL positive 360 news.

hazeblaze4065d ago

Uhhh, that's already happened.... Everquest! And The Agency already sounds like it will be a pretty intriguing MMO... definitely something fresh.

Anyway, this sounds like a pretty awesome idea. Looking forward to seeing how it shapes up.

inuyasha894065d ago

awesome. hopefully it'll be a very good mmo.

ItsDubC4065d ago

lol, glad this isn't the "Rayman MMO" that I thought it was.

ParaDise_LosT4065d ago

Yeah, at 1sr glance I though it said
'Rayman MMO' xD that would be freaky

Anything but Cute4065d ago

But now that they are bringing this kind of thing to consoles, I'll surely try it. Online gaming is becoming a big part of gaming and it sure beats online fragging.

Anyway, I'm always excited about new games with potential.

alexander22rednaxela4065d ago

I think ps3 allready have good MMO support with NCSOFT and Sony Online Entertainment.

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The story is too old to be commented.