Stranglehold's PS3 delay ONLY for Euro version. US version still on track for September 17.

From GAF

"This is for the Euro version BTW. I received that press release also. As of last night, Midway North America informed us that:

The full version of Stranglehold is currently expected to ship on August 27th for the Xbox 360 and PC, and September 17th for the PlayStation 3. PC and PlayStation 3 demos coming soon. "

"To be thorough, I just contacted Midway U.S. and got the following response:

I can confirm that Stranglehold is shipping on 8/27 for X360 and PC and 9/17 for PS3 here in the U.S. If you have any questions, please let me know. "


Edit: 1up also confirms Stranglehold is NOT delayed for PS3. It is still on track for September 17 release date.


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Vip3r3994d ago

What a surprise, we're getting the shaft yet again.

Azures3994d ago

Price for living outside the Empire (USA)

Vip3r3994d ago

Well I guess it's worth it then. :p

DrPirate3994d ago

Vip3r, Canada speaking here. Just gotta say that is one of the best comebacks I have ever read in my life.

You win. Bubbles for you.

tplarkin73994d ago

My experience in traveling the world as an American:
- People think that Americans are the very kind.
- People first ask if you are Canadian because they don't want to face the wrath of a Canadian that is called an American by mistake.

Canadians are a strange breed. They imitate the American lifestyle, yet insult Americans every chance they get.

DrPirate3994d ago

I'm aware this is off topic. But I'm Italian studying in Canada.

and I don't hate Americans. I have plenty of international friends, including some family that lives in the United States.

I just thought Vip3r's comment towards the "American Empire" was quite humourous that's all.

masterg3994d ago


If that is what you think people in the world thinks of America you need to see the world.
I guess the best way to put is ... People fell about the US the way you guys fell about the French.

I personally have no problem with the US (Other than your President and the 51% who elected him).

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SmokeyMcBear3994d ago


XxZxX3994d ago

Euro should get Killzone 2 first. I'm in NA but i think Euro need some love.

LSDARBY3994d ago

yet again europe gets shafted

aaquib23994d ago

Im tired of all these XBOT fans trying to down PS3. Sheesh, that's all they do. It's like they have no games to play, or their console is on its 15th repair cycle.

Daz3994d ago (Edited 3994d ago )

lol same on both sides your just as bad, how much as ps3 fanboys downplayed the 360 then? sh1t loads maybe? i think so

trane073994d ago

You shouldn't be talking, you were probably one of the main clowns talking that damn mess over it.

Ignorant Fanboy3994d ago

So I dont care when it comes out for the PS3.

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