Amazon Prices Xbox 360 "Premium" at $329

"OK, now we're confused. Amazon's US site has reduced the Xbox 360 Premium down to $329. It's a bit odd since Amazon sells consoles for retail, and Microsoft just dropped the price to $350." - Mark Wilson (Kotaku)

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Effects Guardian4062d ago

Looks like they're getting rid of their stock of the non-HDMI 90nm premiums.

Syko4062d ago (Edited 4062d ago )

So you can buy the Red Rings of Death for the low, low price of $329. LOL, I pray to god when mine gets back in a few weeks I NEVER see the RRoD again.

If they are the non-Heatsink, non-Epoxy Fix, 90nm Xbox's it's like buying a ticking time bomb. Of course if you don't mind waiting 4 weeks for a repair you will get a new one with HDMI and 65nm when it breaks in a year or so. Not worth saving $20 bucks though, IMO. However it is not confirmed that they are old 90nm Xbox's, but it certainly does make sense that they would be.

eLiNeS4062d ago (Edited 4062d ago )

they carry no stock, they drop ship strait from M$, so it should be all new stock.

HALO ][][][ and Xbox 360 Console now on top of bestsellers list, FTW!!!

Omega Kaze4062d ago

I mean its great to have, but only aruond 30% (i think) of the population even has an HD TV let alone a tv that also supports HDMI. Or maybe im thinking of something else, anyways im fine without it and I would personally take the cheaper one... as long as it has the ehat sinks of course....

SmokeyMcBear4062d ago (Edited 4062d ago )

its better to have it than not to have it right??? i mean say you don't have a hdtv right now, but you get one next year, it would be nice having the hdmi port on your system to use. I mean if you don't want it at all thats your thing, but i think people in general would enjoy having something available, even though its not immediately needed.

edit.. haha i got a disagree... too funny, i guess that guy doesnt want something included in his machine, even thought he might use it one day.. and mind you for the same price... actually thats what the 360's all about, getting stuff later and paying for it.

XENOCIDE4062d ago

Many HDTV's are starting to come with HDMI inputs nowadays. Personally I'll choose the HDMI equipped console as I plan on upgrading to an HDTV soon anyway.

Adamalicious4062d ago

HDMI is the new standard for HD. If you're going to make a product that outputs not including HDMI, at this point in time, is crazy. I don't know of any new HDTVs that don't have HDMI.

s8anicslayer4062d ago

now i wonder would this also be a clearance sale?

eLiNeS4062d ago

so that the Xbox 360 could be in the same boat as the PS3 having to have a fire sale to move a few consoles only 8 months into the next gen. console war. Xbox 360 needs no stinking clearance or fire sale to move there consoles, just some AAA games that people want to play. Don't worry, PS3 will have there day soon but it won't ever take over the 360. M$ is here to stay, FTW!!!

TaylorB4062d ago (Edited 4062d ago )

The 360 is just on sale. What's the confusion? Retailers often do this to increase peripheral sales. If you can get a 360 on Amazon for $20 off with free shipping, why go to Circuit City? Why go to Best Buy?

Most consumers will buy at the very least, an extra controller, 1-2 games, charging kits, and maybe a wireless add-on. (The wireless add on has about a $35 margin)

Amazon is just capitalizing on the numerous amount of consumers who will be picking up a 360 this week due to the price drop.

BIadestarX4062d ago

mmm.. I can't wait to see this month NPD numbers... or september...

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